Friday, November 29, 2013

"It's Time for Christmas"

"Its Time for Christmas" is finished........just in time for taking its place in the Christmas decorations.

This is a Bronwyn Hayes BOM pattern from the  Homespun magazine, 4 of us from our Tuesday group have been doing it together so I'm sure the other girls will have photos to show soon too...... its such a bright festive quilt and I love it. 

A couple of close up photos.

I'm a little bit sad really as Homespun was one of my favourite mags but the new changes to Homespun magazine are aimed at a younger market and I can't find any projects that suit my taste but I still have more issues from my subscription to go ...... its not all bad though as now I won't be tempted with new projects and will hopefully get on with things I already have.

Now to a swap gift, I received this lovely parcel from Melissa in Cheryll's Flower mini quilt swap, I did show a picture of the one I sent in an earlier post...... very nice paper with a matching card.

Thanks Melissa for this mini quilt..... I don't know if you have a blog or not so I can't link it there.... sorry.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did you know ?????

that my friend....Sandi.... lost her mojo and I found it so being such a good friend I will give it back to her as soon as I have finished with it.......LOL......... there are a lot of different mojo's , house cleaning mojo, washing mojo, window washing mojo etc but the one I like the best is the sewing mojo so today I used a little bit of the cleaning one.... not much mind you ..... a quick flick with the duster, wash the floors and did the vacuuming.

                                                          Cleaning music

and then back to a bit of sewing, almost ready for binding.

                                                      Swap pressie wrapping

So I guess that I should send Sandi's mojo back now and have a cuppa, watch a bit of tele and relax.

Sorry Sandi..... I hope I didn't use tooooo much.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Swap Heaven and Stitcher's Inc Christmas party .......another Tuesday Girls outing

Sunday was our "Stitcher's Inc" Christmas party, what a great day with such a lovely group of ladies......
of course much laughing...eating... giggling......secret Santa gifts and they were all terrific.....

But I got the best pressie from Lynda ..... trust me...... it is just fantastic.......

Sorry that the photo isn't very flattering Lynda but its the only one I seem to have of you on the day.

Well here it is my lovely pressie......
the pin cushion is wonderful and the other gifts are very useful too.

This will be an "all year round" gift, firstly a Christmas decoration and then into my pincushion collection, beautifully made by Lynda.

                      Thanks so veryyyyy much Lynda, I loveeeeee it.

Thank you to the other ladies for these goodies too.... so thoughtful.

I would love to show you the swap gift I made but I can't just yet as my partner wasn't there on the day so I won't  spoil her gift opening.

                                                A fantastic day was had by all.

Oooooops nearly forgot.... whats a post without a silly photo of me......
Tough job but someone has to do it.....

Now on to another Tuesday Girls outing.... there does seem to be a lot of these lately......                                          very enjoyable

             Poppy's Chocolate shop and so near to home.....which isn't good really.

  Just a few choccies that popped into my bag....well mouth actually..

Then off to the Antique Shop..... a pretty plate, with the choccies that I bought.

    Whats an outing if you don't pick up a couple of good looking fellows...... 

         OMG they nearly kept me as an antique....

 Another fantastic day out ..... Thanks Girls..... I feel sooooo tired from all that laughing.

  I bought this Santa last week, I love him.... I really must stop this Christmas shopping.

Fabric therapy is also a must and its so nice getting goodies in the mail.
Will it be made in time for Christmas decorating..... hmmmm not sure.

                                               Well that's it for today..... so tired.....

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Chocolate at the ready for my nights stitching..... did I get as much done as I thought I would but what else is new.

 I began here with this mess and hoped I might get  heaps done..... dreamer.....

 I managed to cut some fabric for piecing and do the last of the heart applique so that was good.

                                 Still got a mess to work on though.

I also put this table runner together but naturally I stuffed that up and you can probably see where, I was shown a longgggggg time ago how to do this and get the pattern matching properly but I have forgotten exactly what to do so this will just have to do for now, its for my table on the patio so if I put enough Christmas decorations on it then then my secret will be safe except for everyone who looks at my blog.

Of course the left over pieces don't match either but you must promise you won't tell anyone.......

Well that's my lot for the FNSI so I'm off now to check how all the other ladies went with their sewing.

       Thanks again to Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts for organising this fun night.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

and another one bites the dust.......

One more of the "Twilight Garden" quilt blocks done and heaps to go  but I will keep plodding on slowly but surely...... I know it sounds like a bit of a chore but I love doing this quilt so its not really a chore.

        A little online retail therapy from "Cat n Cart Crafts" its so nice to get mail like this.

I have projects for all these bits and pieces, hopefully I can show the finished goodies soon.

This mini quilt  (theme was flowers) is on its way to............. nah I'm not going to say but if you are in Cheryll's mini quilt swap then you should keep an eye out  for the postie as it might be coming to your place.

Well I'm off to the sewing room for more secret sewing......

Don't you just love this time of year...... I do.......

 secret swaps so exciting.