Thursday, February 24, 2011

TA DA ......Its here !!!!!!!! yahooooo

Yipeeeee at last its here and I think I'll call her "Flossie" I had cleaned the sewing room but now look at it but its worth it thats for sure.
Lilyana has a beautiful shop at Mudgeerba   " Patchwork Dreaming " ... Janet does the Janome machines and they are 2 of the nicest and most helpful ladies.... so if you are ever in the area do pop in and say hello, I'm sure you will be welcomed with friendly smiles.

First the mess......

Soooo.... drum roll please......... here it is.....

The horn cabinet I have is too small for this machine as well so my little machine that I take to retreats and classes will be its home from now on.

Sadness though as my machine cover is toooo small, looks like I will have to add a cover to my "to do list" any excuse to sew now.

Its a sad day too, I had to put my old girl away, she has been a great machine over the past  27 years, I haven't got the heart to chuck her out so shes in the cupboard and will make a terrific spare if ever needed.

What a great day its been ..... so exciting ....... might have to have a sewing day tomorrow, first I have to work out how to use all the bits and pieces so I can get on with quilting my Friends in Stitching  quilt.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready and waiting !!!!!!

Well here I am ready  waiting and quietly excited, I have ordered a new machine with a table and hoping the phone will ring at anytime so I can go and get it. I have cleaned out my sewing room and made a few changes so I will be ready to get going, I have my quilt all pinned waiting... I suppose it was a good reason to clean out the room too.

Good heavens looking at this photo it still looks a mess hahahaha.


"Blosson Lane" quilt is coming along nicely and this is block 8, I've already started block 9 so not long now and it will be finished. I have an interesting question for everyone ...... are you like me ?.......when I get to the last couple of blocks on a quilt I get excited and seem to be in a big hurry to get it done ....... are you the same ?

Sadly my OPAM list for this month won't be good at all as everything at the moment is a WIP so I'm hoping to have a big list for next month.... if I get them all finished that is.... but there is still a few days left so you never know may I have something to post as a finish.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Still getting things done .....

I'm a member of an online group "Friends in Stitching" and last year we had a BOM with members taking turns choosing blocks, so now mine is patiently waiting for quilting. I hope to do it next week as today I ordered a new sewing machine, I've been eyeing it off for quite a while now and should get it next Tuesday.... I'm so excited..... I'll pop a photo as soon as it comes.

The lovely Sarah who organises our FIS site sent each member this great quilt label and card ( which has a lovely verse inside) with a teabag, a very nice surprise which I'll be happy to put on my quilt when finished.
Thank you Sarah.

I've also finished another block of my Blossom Lane quilt.... 2 more to go.

Here is my bear "Chloe" that Teresa made for me for christmas, she also gave me a lovely doiley to make a dress for her..... the brooch belonged to me sister ..June... and I've been waiting for a special project to put it on and this is it.... special gift from a special friend......perfect.

Another block finished for the Lynette Anderson BOM.

Another project in progress is  "Crazy Patch Christmas " quilt by Lynette Anderson, lots to go on this one so it might be slow going  but steady I hope.

I also bought myself a couple of pressies.... naughty but nice..... from Lynette Anderson  these great little wooden sewing tools and I got my blog put into book form  so I guess one could say ...... I'm published  hehehehe ....   its just the first couple of years of  blogging so I will order another one soon, it is lovely to have the book to look back on.

and last but not  least.... my lovely g/daughter Corinne spent 3 weeks in Japan and has given me and Pop a couple of great gifts..... obviously the whiskey is for Pop and the others are mine, she knows how much I love Pooh Bear so he is now sitting on my bedside chest of drawers, the plate and  Pooh are from Disneyland, love the little Japanese bear dressed in all the traditional clothes..... thank you Corinne I love them.