Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Wake and a Celebration !!!!!

Well here it is........a happy day for Tereasa and a sad one for the rest of us as you can see in the photo below. 
Homespun and Beautiful is closing its shop front door on Friday .... but on a better note it is still an online store so all is not lost, our Tuesday girls get together will continue and that makes us all very very happy. If you pop on over to Tereasa's blog she has a great sale still going on so don't miss out on the bargains...... just tell her Helen said...... hehehehehe.

We had a bit of a party with sandwiches, yummy cakes, apple cider, coffee and lots of laughing ...... we all met through the shop about 7 years ago and will continue hopefully for many years to come.

Naturally its hard to let a bargain go so I did do a bit of last minute shopping, these are my goodies.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 Little finishes

Mini Makeup Roll and Sun Glasses Case.

These projects are really coming together now and they are great fun to make .... the  large bag and toiletries pouch I  made earlier, the mini makeup roll  and sun glasses case made today, all very useful as well. There are 2 more projects to go and the set will be complete, thanks Kelly for these terrific patterns.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A post at last.....

At last I have finished all the stitcheries for the "Girls Day Out" quilt so now its time to do borders and get this quilt top together, hopefully that will happen soon.

We had a nice surprise on Tuesday at our little craft group..... a visit from Kayly and Lynda  members of the online Stitch-a-long group so as you can imagine a bit of stitching and lots of chatter, thanks girls it was lovely to meet you both in person.

Last but not least an OPAM finish.... woohoo.... this is an Amy Butler bag and its for my g/daughter Corinne, can't go wrong with the fabric as she chose it herself. Now I'm off to stitch and hopefully another OPAM finish.

Friday, July 09, 2010

A sad quilt story.... but a happy ending !!!!!

"Sparkling Gemstones" jelly roll quilt.

This story began when I decided to make a jelly roll quilt for my 18yr old  g/daughter Corinne so I bought this lovely fresh and bright  fabric ....  chose a quick and easy quilt, all was going well..... cutting sewing.... 6 rows together but things were not looking or fitting together very well at all ...... then I realised why, I was doing several projects at the same time and not always checking on my stitch width ...... yes you guessed it I had done different sized seams .... only slightly but as we all know it doesn't take much to ruin everything.... so I unpicked every block.... 108 blocks to be exact and started again. Every  story should have a happy ending  I think and lucky for me this one does...... borders are on and its now ready for quilting hoorayyyyy, I will show a piccie when its finished and ready to go to Corinne.

The End.

Friday, July 02, 2010

A nice surprise.....

Last week I got a lovely surprise.... these beautiful roses, I wasn't feeling very well and my daughter Heather called in to see me with this lovely bunch of flowers and yes they did cheer me up.

Better to be a little late than not at all I suppose my block for the "Stitch-a-long" it really is the June block so now to get going on July block.