Friday, April 29, 2011

Tis the Season and a finish

Aprils blocks done for the "TIS stitch-a-long" online group organised by Chookyblue, its the best way to keep motivation going and getting a project finished.... pop on over and see what everyone is up to.

These are door knob decorations, they are samples for my friend Tereasa's craft shop Homespun and Beautiful  its a Hatched and Patched pattern ..... "Festive Season" .....and has a beautiful Tablerunner but I haven't finished that yet, its very large so it might take a while before you see it here.

 Oh yes that is another finish for the OPAM list.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A very SPECIAL Easter.

My special Easter began with a visit from a dear friend "Glenda" we have known each other for many years but we get a bit slack on the visiting side of things sometimes so it was just great to see her on Good Friday and I couldn't let her leave without a Faerie gift, one of the little doorstops I made a few weeks ago. It was terrific to spend the day with her.

Then things just got better after that day, my son "Rob" called with a lovely surprise, his son "Thomas" was coming for a visit from Sydney, we haven't seen Thomas since he was 18months old, reasons far too complicated to explain here. It was so good to see him with his Dad, he has only seen his Dad once in all that time so you can imagine it really was a great day for our family and of course they all came for Easter sunday, I was sooooo happy..... just fantastic. So now you have to see lots of piccies of my family..... sorry but I'm happy for us all, best Easter we have had for such a long time. Of course Thomas is a terrific little boy and seemed to be right at home with us all, we do hope that he will be able to visit his Dad more often in the future.

 Thomas, he's 9yrs old and he is on an easter egg hunt.

  Me ... Thomas, Dad and his partner Mel (she was trying very hard not to be in the photo)


Thomas with his cousins Clayton and June, they were all young when they saw him last but made friends as though it was yesterday.

                                             Jake, Clayton  (brothers) and Thomas.

                    Naturally all children have to have silly photos.


                                           Stacks on the Mill.


And of course you are never toooo old for easter egg hunting, Corinne is 19 now but she still loves to be a kid at Nan's. Corinee wasn't able to join us on Easter sunday so naturally the Easter bunny came on monday for her and she did get to visit Thomas at Rob's house which was great.

Thomas with his Auntie Heather and Auntie Liz.

As you can see my Rob doesn't like having his photo taken so this was a  " must I "  photo.
Do you like Liz's hair ?  You never know what to expect when you see Liz, its always different. hahaha

Another visit with Thomas before he goes home to Sydney.
Boys and their toys, never thought I would see these 3 together, its just great.
Pop, Dad and Thomas.

                            Playing with the remote controlled chopper.

What a super weekend and I even managed to fit in a bit of stitching too but that can wait for another post.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finishes and other stuff

Its great to finish this project "My Garden" by Lynette Anderson as I joined the new "Christmas Fun" project and the first one has arrived from "Patchworks Plus" I promised myself that I wouldn't start it till the other was finished so far my  plan is working.

I bought the kit from "Homespun and Beautiful" and I'm very pleased with the lovely fabric.

The had painted buttons are so cute and really make the quilt come to life.

These are the fabrics and pattern for  "Christmas Fun"  , they are just waiting for me to start, I'd better get a move on as the next one is nearly due. Sarah  at "Patchworks Plus" has chosen lovely fabrics for this little quilt.

A great win for me from Michelle at " Rag-Tag Stitchin" in her March giveaway, love the pattern and the extas are adorable too, cute bear tag, thanks so much Michelle.

Mmmmm my g/daughter June cooked potato bake for us the other night and it was terrific.

What a ptiy she covers hers with all that sauce, doesn't really need it I don't think.

Another finish are these little baskets from the "Hatched and Patched" pattern "Lets Celebrate" very easy to make and I'm sure they would make great gifts with sewing goodies or choccies in them, its a sample for my friend "Tess" at "Raggedy Station"  for her new shop "Homespun and Beautiful".

And....... proof  the my friend "Teresa" is really still doing the "Gardeners Journal" quilt even though she has begun the "Tis the Season" project, I promise to keep her on track and make sure she finishes, you will find both these BOM's on the "Stitch-a-long" blog so pop over and have a look at all the wonderful progress the girls are making.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another finish for OPAM

Another "Faeries in My Garden" Gift of the Month finish, this one is called "Parisienne"  a lovely cosmetics or shower bag. Its a great size and the fabrics are really beautiful.... can't wait to use it...... I will keep this one as a little pressie for me..... naughty but nice.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ooooo a giveaway

 Tereasa is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate the opening of her new shop "Homespun and Beautiful" and of course I had to enter, I was at the new shop today and saw the fabric in the flesh.... so to speak.... its beautiful and the lace button is something really different so if you want to enter then pop over to her blog... Raggedy Station.....and look for yourself at the wonderful prize.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Faerie's finish

Not sure if I have fixed my problem with photo uploading ( with help from Chooky ) we will see ....
I have been working on this project for a little while now as it has a lot  of fiddly bits but has come together nicely in the end. Its from the "Gift of the Month" from "Faeries in My Garden" the pattern is called "Dee's Dressing Table Set" I love the fabrics ..... this will be my first OPAM for April.

Jewellery Box and Manicure case.

This is the Manicure case  lovely embroidery design.

Inside the case