Saturday, August 31, 2013

My secret sewing has been for our "Friends in Stitching" online group and these are the gifts I made for my partner Fiona...... I can't seem to find my own photos of these gifts so I had to borrow Fiona's.
This was a bag swap and in the bag we had to put 5 goodies to use with the bag.

So I made a makeup purse, there is also a lipstick case and emery boards tucked in there too.
Choccies of course.

Covered notepad and Tissue case.

I do hope that Fiona finds these goodies useful.

De was my other partner and I love the goodies she has sent.

Beautiful bag and the fabric is so very me, love it De.

Breast Cancer pen and covered notepad.

Glasses case and coin purse.

Isn't this the cutest little orange (my least favourite colour, that's why it orange) crochet bag, it has dental floss inside with teeth of course and yummie goodies too.

Yes there are teeth everywhere, this all started back at the Glenrose retreat and will it ever stop....... hmmmmmm not sure yet.

Here I am ready to face the world with my new teeth..... they are so comfortable lol.

Thanks so very very much De for these wonderful gifts and all the fun..... you are such a good sport.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Catching up with my posts

 Our Tuesday group had an outing this week..... as you can see its a very little group but Tess couldn't make it and unfortunately she missed a wonderful day. Firstly we visited a local craft shop... Doo Dropp Inn Cottage, its a very quaint place filled with locally handcrafted goodies.

Then on to "Devon Pixies" for High Tea, its our first time there and what a delight it was, as usual heaps of laughter, chatting and eating ..... we had the best time.

                                          Laurel... Sandi... Teresa  back row

                                                           Norreen and me.

                                         Wonderful finger sandwiches

Homemade scones with jam and cream of course.

 Chocolate cup cakes .....  tasted as good as it looks....the cute little bell was to call for service from Doreen so she could top up our tea cups..... gosh that felt so good, very spoilt.

   Now you see it ....... now you don't....... mmmmmm so yummie

                      Happy girls full of yummie food and feeling very satisfied.
                                           Can't wait for our next visit.

We did get a bit of stitching done as well at Sandi's home after our high Tea.

Thanks again for another great day girls.

Now on to  my messy sewing room, books flying everywhere..... trying to find  patterns in old magazines but can't remember which one it is in.... soooooo when you have a problem ring a friend......Sandi help me please ?

So after a long chat.... as you do..... she checked out her patterns and there they were...... 

Now did I ever find these elusive patterns in my mags you ask...... well no I didn't, I was looking for something that I didn't have apparently so Sandi will lend me hers...... my saviour.

Its all back in order now thank heavens, I can't function in a mess..... weird I know. I'll be back tomorrow to show my swap pressies from "Friends in Stitching" online group.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun ...Fun and more Fun.....

                                  Such a busy weekend ....

                       lots of fun spent with friends yesterday....... 

Sandi invited .... Norreen and me..... to join her on a little road trip to the Antiques and Collectibles Fair at Ipswich, so much to see there, I was a very good girl and didn't buy anything but Sandi bought a couple of lovely pieces. Naturally we visited  a couple of craft shops as you do ...... Rose Patchwork Cottage where I was a little bit naughty and then off to the Country Quilt Co. The lady at Rose Patchwork suggested if we wanted a good lunch we should go to "Queens Park"  and she was right .... we loved it there .... so much to see and do.

                                                         Queens Park Cafe

     Norreen and Sandi..... you girls are so lovely to be with and terrific fun.

                                                            Lunch of course

            whats a day out with the girls without coffee and cake....

We visited the glass house and this fellow gave Norreen such a fright sitting in the plants.

            a  beautiful bloom but I can't remember what it was called.

They also have an area with Australian animals and birds.....
 really great for children and big children too.

I loved this area..... a Japanese garden, I must come back in the summer as I'm sure it would be beautiful in full bloom...... it was a bit overcast yesterday which was a pity.

Craft shopping..... I did tell you that I was good.

                                                           Family day today....

Well I'm off now to watch Clayton (g/son) play AFL footy finals and to see Jake (g/son)as it was his 17th  birthday yesterday so he needs a big Nannie hug I think and a gift of course..... 

       I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last of the Melbourne trip

This purchase was from "Gail's Emporium" a shop of my dreams really, I also bought a couple of gifts for friends but haven't any photos of those.

Meeting blogging friends at the craft show, lots of chatting and giggling ..... thank you ladies for your company.
from the left Fiona, Norreen, Lynda, Jenny, me, Shez, Sharon and Sylvia.
lovely to meet you all.

Craft show shopping..... my goodness I was such a good girl.

Last day of our trip so we finished with a little shopping, coffee and cake of course.
It was so hard to choose which naughty cake to have ....

Lynda, Norreen and me chose Strawberry tart....
we did buy 1 each of course..... I wasn't sharing lol.

Jenny's choice, looks fantastic doesn't it ?

Last but not least I couldn't resist buying this, red is my favourite colour in clothing.

Not a lot of stitching to show as I'm doing secret things at the moment but I have these 2 blocks of the "Crazy Christmas" quilt ready to put together.

                                          Hopefully I will have more to show very soon.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Melbourne trip

Up up and away..... off to Melbourne to the Craft and Quilt show .... also shopping, eating and laughing, we had a great time..... Norreen, Jenny, Lynda and me.

Retail therapy was on the list too.

Our apartment.

                              Norreen and I shared this room, very comfortable.

Off to L'uccello's, we have heard so much about this shop and we were not disappointed at all.... could have spent lots of time and money there but we had choccie shops to explore.

There were "speckles" in this little tin but not now.

                                                                      The Yarra

               First night we were too tired to go out so order in was the way to go.

Day 2 saw us hiring a car and going to ....... craft shops of course, first stop was the "Patchwork Tea House".... it was my favourite shop of the trip followed closely by "Gail's Emporium" which we visited on day 3's shop hopping.

Jenny was our driver.

Yes Scones and tea at the "Patchwork Tea House" and they were wonderful.

 Here is my shopping..... oops the cotton reel was bought from "L'uccello's" the day before.

                                                   More to follow another day.

Another block from the Homespun mag BOM "Its  Time for Christmas" wall hanging.