Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Minute OPAM

I've called this project "Helbel's Simple Table Topper" I'm mighty pleased with it too, just what I wanted for this table..... love the fabric, fresh without being too bright I think.

Oooooops didn't have this on my " Quilt To do List".....never mind I'll add it now.
                    Its definately an OPAM finish for February but only just.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not the UGLY fat 1/4 again.......

So the story of the UGLY FAT 1/4 continues...... it begins here which now brings us to the present and look what these girls did .............

                                       Not so Ugly, very cute actually

Thank you girls..... Teresa, Sandi, Tereasa, this has been so much fun.

They did say that I would get it back sometime when I least expected it and they were right..... I didn't have a clue ......the silly thing is that the thread catcher and little needle case look fantastic and not ugly at all........ there can't be much of this fabric left now surely.

While I was making a few more string blocks out of my scraps look what popped up......... that ugly fat 1/4 again it will bring a smile to my face every time I see it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

More hours in the day please

Oh I do wish I had more hours in the day especially for stitching, I have so much I want to do but my little fingers just can't stitch fast enough hehehehehe.

Here is another block of the "Earl Grey Moment" quilt from "Faeries in my Garden", you can see my friend Jenny's block here, so far we are on track  doing 1 block a month.

This really is a delight to stitch.

I hope you all get some stitching time today.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Waiting.... waiting.....

Yes I have been waiting and waiting..... what for you ask .... well we changed plans with Telstra for our home phone and internet of course what happens then....... it got all messed up and we were on a go slow for the internet so no posting for me lately... but its all good now at last.

I'm here now to show my lastest project .... its a "Hatched and Patched" pattern by Anni Downs called "Sewing Angel Toolstore"  I not only love it but I needed it too so its now in full use and working well. Its been great to do a smaller project for a change.

Great little pockets and its so user friendly.

I've also been working on a String Quilt, Laurel our blogless friend made one and it looks fabulous, she has inspired me to get one done too. We have a blog for our little group so if you go here you will see her lovely quilt. I've also decided to call it " The Frugal Quilt" as I'm using scraps of fabric, half empty bobbins and cotton reels, I'm also trying to make a few blocks every time I sit at the machine to do other things so progress will probably be slow.... well not too slow I hope.

I'm leaving all this on the floor next to my machine to keep me motivated.

                                          Till next time ..... Happy sewing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Keeping Sandi Happy

First things first......

I foolishly said to Sandi " I'm going to add a .... To Do List...... of all my projects to my sidebar" of course she keeps at me about it so here is my confession for today.

I went shopping at my favourite little craft shop "Homespun and Beautiful" last Thursday, sadly it will be no more soon and I'm oh so very sad about that...... but .....the  good thing is the wonderful sale that Tereasa has there, I've been so lucky to meet so many lovely craft minded people there and our friendships will continue so thats the good news.... of course Tereasa is one of them too.
I have borrowed this photo from Tereasa, like most people I'm not happy about photos of myself but this one is just great I think and I love the caption she added.

Sums it all up I think.

Yes I did spend a bundle but hey its only money and we can't take it with us to the retreat in the sky, well I don't think we can but just in case I'm going to take a kit or 2 with me when I go .... you just never know and we girls always like to have a little stitchery when travelling.

So if you look at my sidebar you will see my ENORMOUS list of projects for this year and beyond..... hope I live long enough to finish them all.

I will  pop back later to show that I have started work on the list and I even have a finish.

                                              Are you HAPPY now SANDI  ????????

PS..... check out Tereasa's sale you too can add to your stash.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not before time......

This is a wall hanging that I started last year in July and this is as far as it got..... pathetic really...... the lovely Sarah and Roseanne were having a little deal together to get theirs done for this Christmas so Sarah has started another blog called "Christmas Fun" so I have joined in with them to get mine done too....its a Lynette Anderson button club quilt called "Christmas Fun" hence the name of the blog.

Thanks Sarah for letting me join you and Roseanne on this journey of "Christmas Fun".