Monday, May 31, 2010

A late OPAM

A late OPAM but better late than never, the photo of Gavan with his flannel shaggy quilt is a bit light in colour but I couldn't resist taking it.... told him to smile but thats the face I got.... lol.   The other photo is true to colour.... must have had the camera on the wrong setting before .... anyway he is happy and warm so it doesn't matter if he smiles or not. 

What do you think of my blog banner ?   .... thought I was pretty clever to do it actually.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keeping up with my blocks.

This is block A  for the Gardeners Journal quilt that I'm doing as part of  the Stitch-a-Long  group which is keeping me on track and I'm enjoying seeing everyone's progress as we all stitch this quilt together.

I'm also a member of another group Friends in Stitching and we are doing a BOM together and this is the block for May, below are all my blocks together so far, quite happy with them too even if I say so myself.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another OPAM

Another OPAM for May, I'm making up for last month's lack of projects. This a project from the "Gift of the Month" club by "Faeries in My Garden".... Armchair TV Caddy, I'm visiting my daughter Liz on thursday and this might be just the thing she needs for her lounge (its dark blue) so it should look ok I think.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 4 Generations

My son Robert his partner Mel, hiding (left) daughter Heather(front) Clayton, Corinne, June(right) Liz (hiding in the back)  Mum and I (back) ....  4 generations together..... fantastic, my hubbie was taking the piccies.

We decided to go to the Beaudesert Park for Mum's day this year and it was a perfect day.... sun shining beautifully, slight breeze and the family together, 1g/son had to play AFL so his Dad had that duty today. It was very important to have this get together this year as my Mum who is now in aged care ( since Nov 2009)  has alzheimer's and I'm not sure how much longer she will remember all the family, she was struggling to know Rob and Liz today as they don't see her very often but I do think she enjoyed herself, when I took her back to the home she didn't even know where she had been but we had it together so thats the main thing, she's 97yr old so not too bad really (98 in June) its probably more important for us to have this time with her while we can.   Great day.

Pressies and morning tea.

My daughter Liz, her son Clayton and Nan of course, other  son was playing AFL Dad took him to the match.

My G/daughters Corinne and June with Nan.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another OPAM for May

Going well so far...... I joined the "Gift of the Month" club from "Faeries in My Garden" last year  but I seemed to get side tracked and didn't get my monthly projects done so I've decided to get a wriggle on to complete them as I also joined again this year and I'm getting a build up so these are the lovely "Amy's Coat Hanger Collection" there is only 3 in this collection but the candlewick hanger is a project I bought at a craft show some time ago .... not saying how long...... so I thought I would slip this one in at the same time.

Below is a Bronwyn Hayes block in the "Breast of Friends" quilt from  Homespun magazine, I bought all the fabric and of course have all the books so I thought it would be a good idea to get it started while I do "A Gardeners Journal" quilt with the online group "Stitch-A-Long" so the plan is to get them both finished at the same time so I will see how it goes..... naturally I think its a good plan..... what do you think ?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Yahoooo ..... OPAM for May and so quick

How exciting is this an OPAM and its only the 1st of May. Its so good to have finished something, I've had this drawstring sewing bag cut out for ages but it got pushed to the back of the project pile so after the Jelly Roll quilt thought I would do a few smaller things and this is the the first of more I hope.

 This is a "Faeries in My Garden" BOM  called "Blossom Lane" by Candy Cats  which I started last year but seemed to get side tracked and didn't even finish  the first block (finished stitching today)  but back on track now, I've signed up for another Faeries BOM so I need to make lots of progress before I begin a new one. 


Heaps of embroidery but its my passion. All other BOM's are on track so all is good for the moment.