Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Mini Quilt Swap

Its alright to show the little Christmas Mini quilt I made for my partner Christine as it arrived safe and sound to her home. I've enjoyed making these mini quilts in this swap organised by Cheryll at "Gone Stitchin" ...... hopefully they will continue  in the new year.
I popped in a small treat for Christine, I do hope she likes gingerbread.... they were so cute I couldn't resist buying one but I forgot to get myself one..... silly duffer I am.

Bring on the 1st of December so I can get the decorations out... I have  a few new ones to display this year ..... not sure where they will go but I'm sure I'll find a spot somewhere.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas mini quilt swap

 I was so excited today as my Christmas Mini Swap parcel arrived from De, naturally the paper was torn off very quickly, great tag too.
Look what was inside ..... this terrific Christmas Tree mini quilt
its so different from any other tree I have seen..... fantastic.
Thank you De...... I love it.
This is the parcel I sent off today to ........ haha you thought I was going to tell you who it is.... ahhhhh I'm not that silly.

                                              a little tease

I have sent it express post so hopefully it should arrive on time.
Its been a great swap organised by Cheryll..... so a big  thank you Cheryll and I do hope you will be doing it next year as I would love to be a part of it again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh nooooooooo

I couldn't think of any other heading for this post......... our son came to our home to help us get rid of a terrible smell so as a good and dutiful son he climbed into the ceiling to find the source of the stench ..... after much lifting of the insulation and crawling around on his knees he yelled out " I think I've found the problem but do you want the good news or the bad news " well the good news is he found the smell and he thinks it is a dead rat but the bad news is ..... its in the wall behind my bed" so I could do 1 of  2 things  smash the wall in and remove the problem or move out of the bedroom and wait for the smell to go away, naturally I didn't want to start smashing the house apart so I've been sleeping in another room but I miss my bed so much and my poor old back misses it too, hopefully I will be able to go back in there soon as the smell is slowing going  away.
On a better topic I've been beavering away at the SKOW quilting so that maybe finished very soon.

News on the "Earl Grey Moment" quilt........ I left my quilt with a very nice quilting lady today and I hope to get it back early January so I'm very excited about that. Tereasa and I had a good days outing, morning tea then to the quilt lady to discuss the quilting and of course lunch after that. Thank you Tereasa for coming with me, its good to have a bit of moral support.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A finish for OPAM

I'd like you to meet "Tillie" she is a Rosalie Quinlan pattern, she is a pretty doll and a nice change from the other dolls I have been making.
This little fellow came crashing into our kitchen window and falling onto the ground but he didn't seem to be injured just a bit stunned so I was able to get quite close to him for these photos.
He is a Kingfisher and his colours are so beautiful, he flew away after a while no worse for wear.

                                                   "An Earl Grey Moment" quilt news.

 Unfortunately the lady who was going to custom quilt it for me has been taken sick, I'm very disappointed as I have been waiting for a few months so I  have the quilt back and now I'm not sure who I will get to do it for me.  Hopefully I will sort this dilemma out soon, I'm so keen to get it done but I guess these things are sent to try us.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Friday night with Friends over at Cheryll's.

I was  bit disorganised for the first "Friday night With Friends" stitch in..... only on the snack side of things though, I saw on Michelle's blog such lovely sweeties and  wished I had gone to her house but it didn't stop me from my stitching.
I am hand quilting this candlewick quilt so I was able to get a bit of that done, its going to be slow so every little bit helps.
I also finished another block from the "Twilight Garden" quilt and the stitching on the border of the SKOW too.
I also put the last of the borders on the SKOW so now its just the layering and quilting to go.....which is the part I hate.

Now I look at what I got done it doesnt' seem much at all really but took me ages to do though.
Thanks Cheryll for getting this night started, its great to see so many bloggers joining in too.

I'm off to have a look at other blogs now and check out what they did last night.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Night With Friends.

I'm joining with Cheryll's Friday night with Friends, I have a few things to finish off and its much better to do it with like minded people.