Friday, June 29, 2012

Bits of this and That....

Here is my "Earl Grey Moment" quilt all pinned and ready to quilt but for me this is the bit I hate the most..... the embroidery is my favourite part of any quilt.

 I made Mel ( my son Rob's partner) this shaggy quilt for her birthday 23rd June, she feels the cold so I thought this quilt would be just the thing for her but she didn't really want to be in the piccie so thats as good as it gets. lol

This is the little quilt I made for Fiona in the "Mini Quilt Swap" organised by Cheryll, this is really a fun swap.

Another block done for the "My Favourite Things" quilt, I've been a little slow with this one but I will get stuck into it now.

Lastly this block, its for the "Christmas Fun" BOM.... not many to go now as its only small.

Yes I know.... I promised not to go on about the Sydney trip anymore but...... I forgot to add one of my really terrific buys..... on our shopping tour with Lynda I could hear the most beautiful violin music and in the city mall was this man playing and I just couldn't go past without buying one of his CD's, he has 6 and I certainly will be getting another 1 or 2 or even more..... I have it playing now as I write this post..... fantastic. 

                           Okay thats it now.... I really truely promise.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo overload.... Sydney again.

I promise this will be the last of my Sydney piccies.......

My purchases at the Craft and Quilt Show, I was reasonably good I think.... mostly Anni Downs goodies of course.

                            Love my scarf and cameo from "Posh"

          Our day out at the "Rocks" was just fantastic even though the weather was a bit glum but we all bought umbrellas so all was good. I'm originally a Sydney girl so it was great to see the Bridge and Opera House again.

A little purchase I made at the shops and I of course got the blame for Jenny and Teresa spending money there but I only wanted them to tell me if these looked alright on me.

This was my naughty lunch and it was sooooo yummie.

On Sunday Lynda took us shopping in the city and for me it was a trip down Memory Lane, I used to shop here in the Strand Arcade, I started work at 15 years old and it hasnt' changed at all, it was as though the clock had been turned back hmmmmmm lots and lots of years..... its so beautiful and you can just see Lynda there with the green bag, she looks as though she is on a mission..... a shoe mission actually.

Had to take this photo of Jenny as it gave us a giggle..... in our hotel room she had the bedroom with the queen bed so we called her the "Queen" and then to find a cafe just for her was a real hoot.

Thats it except to say a big    .... THANK YOU.....    to my room buddies Jenny...Teresa...Lynda for making my trip so enjoyable.... it was also great to meet so many lovely bloggers and I hope we can do it again one day.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wow... Terrific... fabulous.... loved it

Yes its the big weekend we all had in Sydney, my room buddies Jenny, Teresa and Lynda were just great, much laughing, chatting and eating which all adds up to a fantastic holiday. The blog meet was terrific too and being able to see all these ladies in person was very exciting.

Teresa and Jenny enjoying a little quiet time and a cuppa.


Boy our breakfasts were great and set us up for our busy days.

All the "Friends in Stitching" girls.

Everyone who attended the blog meet.

I'll be back with a few more piccies from our trip.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ta Dahhhhhhhh

Yes I've finished all of the "Earl Grey Moment" blocks so now it is
...... put it together time......
There is a little more applique to be done though, just on the 4 corner stone blocks in the border so shouldn't take too long to complete I hope.

I'm so happy with all the blocks and can't wait to see it all finished
            ..... woohooo this is so exciting.

          I hope you are doing something that you are excited about too.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

So slack but here is part 2 of blog meet.

There are too many piccies for me to show really so if I have missed anyone I'm very sorry.
This was such a great day and I just felt so comfortable with all of the ladies and it seemed as though we have known each other forever.
Love these blocks by Michelle. if you check out her blog you will see more of these blocks, Michelle gave us a couple of stitchery designs too..... lovely thank you.

Love these shirts that Mary made for us all, how very generous..... thank you Mary.

Of course it wouldn't be a post without a food piccie and yes it was yummie.

I was also very lucky as Fiona gave me a present..... totally unexpected as she was my secret partner in the "12 inch Mini Swap" the theme was Welcome, don't you love her bookshelf idea...thank you Fiona.... as you can see its happily on my new stand and looks great I think.

These goodies were an added treat for me...... so who is a lucky girl..... hmmmmmm ME.

So while I'm here I thought I would show the mini quilt I made for .......... nah I'm not going to tell she will just have to wait hehehehehehe.

You didn't really think I would show you, did you?

I have also finished my last block of the "Earl Grey Moment" quilt, getting borders cut out and will take a photo soon.

Happy stitching.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Blog meet Part 1

What a fantastic day we had on Sunday at the Grandview Hotel for the blog meet, much laughing, chatting and eating of course. The weather wasn't the best but it would take a bit more than rain to ruin this get together.
These photos are of our show and tell, as you can see there was a lot  of  SKOW on display and all were just terrific.

Noela, Fiona, Susan and Cheryl.

Don't you just love the shoe block that Susan made.

Susan is showing off  her blocks on her "design wall " as she called it, what a giggle.

                                         Marilyn peeping  there behind her quilt.


I'll pop back tomorrow with more piccies and  little more chatter about our day.

Thank you Susan for organising this day.