Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Picnic and a problem !!!!!!

Well its Teddy Bear's Picnic day again, these bears get more picnics than I do but they do love them so I guess its all good. These cuties I have had for a long time and they smell sooooo nice, the poor little things have aromatic oils poured in an unmentionable place..... tut  tut  tut.....  but they don't seem to mind      which is good .... they brought cake with them .... not a lot of cake but a small bite each. There are other friends joining them at the picnic so if you would like to check them out pop over to Melody's blog and you find other picnic links there.

Now for my problem, I tried to upload more piccies of finishes for OPAM but blogger won't let me, I get a message that I have used my piccie quota and I now need to pay to put more photos on my blog..... has anyone else had this problem ?..... so sad..... I guess my finish will have to wait till next month.
Does anyone pay for photo space on their blog ?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kingaroy retreat and stitch-a-long.

Well here we are stuck in  traffic for quite awhile.... nothing going either way.... finally we were off again but we did stop for a little break.

We found this cafe so lunch was then the order of the day.

Teresa was trying to get out of the picture but she couldn't escape my camera, Laurel was a good girl though.

Happy hour at the "Quilter's Rest" at Kingaroy, fabulous place away from the world, no television or radio.... just stitching..... fantastic.

We thought this was very funny, Jenny and I had our little irons and were using the same ironing board for our bear clothes.... the table was very large ... thought it made a cute piccie.

Here we are with our bears, we both bought a kit at last years craft show and thought it would be good to make them together. The bear "Goodnight Irene" was already made... we only had to make the clothing and they look fabulous .... well we think so. 

We didn't know all the ladies but we all soon made friends quickly and heaps of laughing, chatting and sewing followed.

These are the goodies I bought at our retreat, there is a great little craft shop there as well so of course one can hardly leave without a purchase or 2.

I've also finished the first 3 blocks for the "Tis the Season"....   the "Stitch-a-long" group are doing this together this year, its great for motivation  with so many ladies doing the same thing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Melody's Tuesday Treasures.....

Tuesday Treasure day again.... I wasn't sure what to show this week but after spending another great day with my crafty friends I thought these photos would be just perfect.  Times spent with these girls are so good, laughing.... chatting..... coffee.... more laughing and sometimes crying..... we share the good times and the bad, I know that they will be there what ever happens.... they are real treasures .....  to make good friends is a rare thing and these girls are the best..... luv ya girls and thanks for being my friend.

Me.... Laurel (blogless) and Tereasa

 Tereasa..... Teresa.... Laurel.

Don't forget to pop over to Melody's blog and you will find great links for more Treasures.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well.... its Teddy Bear Picnic day again

 Gosh these picnics come around quickly but we are ready, this cute beary girl "Honey" that my special friend Tereasa made for me is really happy its picnic day and pinned to her is the little sign that was given to me by .... can you guess ?   No, then I'll tell you g/daughter ...Corinne.....  The doll behind I painted a long time ago and her little sign says " Your a Beary Good Friend" so I think they all go together very well, for them its only a very small picnic but a good one.

Pop on over to Melody's blog and you will get to see more links for other beary picnic bears, they are having a wonderful time.

Sorry this piccie is so small but I've been fiddling around for ages and can't seemto work out how to resize it. Teresa sent it to me in an email but I have given up so I will change it later when I find out what to do.

You will be happy to know I have a new quilt holder as the other one wasn't doing a very good job but ..... and thats a big  BUT..... this one is a bit naughty so I might have to give her the sack too.... can you imagine she tried to make off with my quilt oooowa , she does look lovely though.... thanks Teresa.

Well I'm off on a retreat this weekend to " The  Quilters Rest" in Kingaroy QLD with Teresa, Laurel and Jenny .... boy of boy am I looking forward to that, hopefully I will have something to blog about next week.

Happy Stitching to you all.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Melody's Tuesday Treasures

This Tuesday Treasure is beautiful but sad in a lot of ways. My g/daughter... Corinne... and her b/friend...Kenny... came back from a holiday in Japan 3 weeks ago, while away they stayed with Kenny's parents but then  the awful news of the earthquake and Tsunami in  Japan shocked the world, our thoughts are with Kenny's family and of course all the people of Japan.

While they were in there Kenny celebrated his 20th birthday and these are the photos of his special night.

Gosh they look wonderful.

Now this leads me to my treasure, Corinne gave me this lovely plate from Disneyland, its just delightful and has found a home in my china cabinet.

The detail is terrific, I love it.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A March finish

I really do need a new quilt holder this one just isn't doing it right..... hahahaha..... I said " Don't stretch it when you hold it"   hmmmmm  and then the wind came so it looks a bit out of shape but you get the general idea I think.....   this is my "Friends in Stitching" BOM quilt and I'm very pleased with the end result even if I say so myself. I might try and get a better photo when my friends come on Tuesday, they know how to hold a quilt properly hehehehe.

I did the quilting with the new..... Flossie.....sewing machine  and it did make the job a lot easier, the large throat sure makes all the difference.

Here is the quilt label.... each of our members received one from Sarah who is the organiser of our online group and the lady who keeps us on track,  it also came with a tea bag and a little card with a beautiful verse (here), I posted about it earlier..... thank you Sarah it was a lovely surprise.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic and a late Tuesday Treasure.

                                                           Two for the price of one.......

 I'm doing a little bit of cheating this week as I missed Melody's Tuesday Treasures but I'm just in time for the Teddy Bears Picnic .... these little bears are now treasures so here I go. My lovely g/daughter Corinne recently went to Japan for a holiday and knowing I love bears .... especially Pooh ...... gave me these 2 little cuties. Love the bear in the Kimono, no name yet but I'm sure I will think of one soon. 

Pooh is from Disneyland in Japan.

                                                          Don't you love the feet !!!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Introducing  my firend "Chloe" she loves sitting here on the cupboard in the spotlight, shes a bit of a show off I think but she really is a very special girl and was made for me by "Teresa" as a gift for me last christmas, there was also a bit of a challenge with her too, Teresa gave me a doily and then I had to make a dress out of it, her little cat brooch was my sisters (who passed away some years ago) so she really is a very very special bear, I love her.

If you pop over to Melody's blog you will see  links for more lovely bears.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My first Tuesday Treasure

This is my first post for" Melody's Tuesday Treasures" , my friend Teresa has been urging me to join so here I am. My Mum gave me this bible when I was quite young but unfortunately she didn't write inside the cover so I'm not sure how old I was.... it just always seems to have been there..... we're not a religious family but like most people I did spend my early years going to sunday school and church on sunday.

Its a beautiful book with a few colour pages but most of it is in black and white.

So if you are interested in seeing other treasures pop over to "The House on the Side of the Hill" and you will see other links there.