Thursday, August 30, 2012

A sad post for today

 The lovely lady on the right.... Susan.... will be missed by so many, she lost her battle with breast cancer. The "Cantabile" girls choir sang for her in the St. John's Cathedral Brisbane, she has been teaching choir members for 20years at Canterbury College and she was more than just a teacher, all the girls over these years thought of her as their second Mum and I was lucky enough to join her, the girls and families on  tour to Austria in 2008. 

                                    Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Another little finish

Here is "Good Pud" a pattern from a Homespun Magazine the same one that "I Believe" doll was in, I have been doing this project with our Tuesday girls..... Sandi has a great post about our day with a very funny photo too.
There were a few problems with the pattern but we fussed around to get it right.
Naturally I got the blame for choosing this project but I'm happy with the way its turned out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great day out and a bit of craft.

 Well it was EKKA time again in Brisbane and I was lucky enough to go with Corinne and Kenny on Friday, firstly a train ride .... happy faces were the order of the day.

I didn't take many photos but couldn't resist the Smurf Village in the cake decorating section..... it was just fantastic.

Corinne wanted a scary ride but sadly she had to go on it by herself as Kenny and I chickened out.

Too many spins and twirls for me these days.....  10years ago I would have joined her but not now.

Very tired folk on the way home .... thanks to both of you for taking me to the show I had a terrific day. I did check the quilts out too but forgot to take any piccies, pity as there were some really lovely quilts there .... silly duffer I am.

I had another great day on Saturday as it was Jake's (g/son) 16th birthday but once again no piccies.....
Then on Sunday I went to see his brother Clayton (12yrs) play footy and did I take piccies then..... no..... gosh I'm getting sillier as I get older.

I  pinched this one from Jake's Facebook.

Jake is in the Lions AFL Academy as well as the Sherwood team...... loves his footy.

Clayton's team had a great win and are in the finals next weekend.

Of course I have photos of these girls.

This is" Angels Blessings" ..... "Country Keepsakes" pattern by Annie Smith, just love her dolls.

3 Shelf sitters and 2 hanging dolls.

I have just realised that one of the Angels has forgotten some of her make-up, I'd better take care of it tomorrow.

                                      I hope you are all enjoying a bit of stitching.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Should be cleaning but stitching instead...... oooowaaa

My plan for today was to clean the lounge room windows/blinds and curtains but Gavan has the man flu so rather than disturb him and his tele watching I decided to sew...... oh what a sacrifice I made, I'm so good I think hehehehehe.

Firstly a photo of the last block for the Christmas Fun BOM  by Lynette Anderson.

I started piecing the little wall hanging together yesterday and after a lot of fiddling today got it done so only the quilting and binding left...... so happy about that.

Can you see where I fixed my terrible mistake..... I hope it looks ok and if you can't see it then that's good enough for me.

I've also finished another My Favourite Things block but there is still heaps to go.

Didn't really enjoy this block with all the little flowers on the tree so glad its out of the way.

This afternoon I have prepared this dolls head for painting, Saturday is Dollie day

Wow it doesn't seem much really but it took me all day to do it.

Hopefully Gavan will have a miraculous recovery and go model plane flying on Sunday so then I can do the jobs I had planned for today.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Getting there !!!!!!

Only 1 block to go for this little wallhanging "Christmas Fun" BOM by Lynette Anderson .... if you pop over here you will see a few more on the go.

This is a short post as I have to get back to the last block as I'm in a hurry now to get it finished.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Turtle Tuesday

What a fun day we had making our little turtles, its an Anni Downs pattern....." Turtle Pincushion" ..... such a little cutie. Teresa, Sandi and me were joined by  Lynda  even though she was in NSW.  I've never made hexies before but I can now see why they are so popular, maybe I will have to make something bigger next time as it is so relaxing when you get going although this little guy was a bit fiddly.

He was checking out the pot plant.

Not sure what he is looking for here but he is tucked up inside now as its getting a bit chilly outside.

Oh goodie this is my first OPAM for August.

I have news on the "Earl Grey Moment" quilt, I started to quilt it and decided I couldn't do it justice after doing all that embroidery so I am having it custom quilted but there is a waiting list so I hope to have it by Christmas..... fingers crossed.