Wednesday, June 29, 2011

B Happy Day

I am the "B Happy Fairy"

Last Tuesday I thought our little stitching group needed a good belly laugh with lots of fun soooooo
 a party would be just what we needed and I'm very happy to say it was a big hit.

Naturally every party needs bubbly ....only sparkling grapefruit as we all had to drive.....


                                   Smiley badges and pretty yellow flowers to brighten the day.....

                                             Mary is very good at this game.

                                            Tereasa and Teresa playing games together

Teresa and Mary (no blog)
                                           Lolly bags ...... don't they look fabulous with their teeth in.....

Cake with one candle each to blow out........ we nearly blew each other over, lots of girlie germs all over the cake.

Look at these cuties carefully water painting, its a tough job you know !!!!!

  Lots of goodies            

Gosh it really was a fun day and I hope we get to do it another day, good friends, lollies, cake, games what else could I ask for.

Luv you girls.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lost ... Found....Fixed

Well here I am at last after a few little holdups along the way, firstly I stupidly opened a junk email and of course something nasty took over our computor so we had to call the fix it man "Bill"..... then I tried to do a blog post but blogger was mucking up as well and wouldn't let me put any photos up so I waited ..... then our computor decided it would have a hissy fit all by itself so another call to "Bill" .... then I couldn't find the photos that I wanted to post about so I had to upload from the camera again.... luckily I hadn't deleted them.

So here are my photos..... this is a great christmas tablerunner by Hatched and Patched called "Festive Season" it has 3 terrific decorations as well, I made these for my friend Tereasa as samples for her fantastic shop "Homespun and Beautiful"..... just a little plug there hehehe.

I do have more to show but I will be back soon as I wouldn't want to put you in overload.