Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another great retreat.

Well it was another wonderful Retreat at the "Quilters Rest" in Kingaroy with friends old and new....the weather was good and as usual so is the food.... fantastic.
The outlook from the retreat area.

                                        The craft shop

The "Bower Shed" where Allen cooked our saturday evening meal in the camp oven..... yummo it was great.

I was very optimistic as you could see in my last post..... I didn't get the 5 Shaggy Quilts made but I did get 2 almost 3 done... so I was very happy with that.

This one is for my granddaughter June 14yrs... its very bright and cheerie so I'm hoping she will be happy with it.

This is for granddaughter Corinne19yrs and I know she will be happy with it.

This is for grandson Clayton 11yrs but I still have 2 more rows of stitching so its very nearly finished... I just ran out of puff.

 Here we are and still giggling .... lots of that went on .... that is Laurel's shaggy quilt there on the fence.

                                        Teresa.... Laurel ..... me.

Down tools..... happy hour...... what else can one do but join in .....

Jenny busily working away.

Alan popped in for a chat...... lots of funny stories from him... I seem to have missed getting a photo of Marion and Lorna.... sorry ladies.

                                        Leanne (blogless) oops missed Vickie (blogless) at the other machine.

We had the best time again at this wonderful place so a big ....Thank You to Marion .... Alan and Lorna can't wait till next year..... yes we are all booked in again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A quick Post before I go.....

I'm off tomorrow to Kingaroy for a retreat at the "Quilter's Rest" with my stitching buddies Teresa, Laurel and Jenny so we are looking forward to lots of laughing.... great food and hopefully a bit of stitching. As you can see in the photo I'm hoping to do lots of sewing.... these fabrics are for shaggy quilts for my grandchildren ... 5 in all ..... I think I'm being a bit optimistic but its better to have big plans than no plans at all hehehehe.

I hope to have photos of these quilts to show when I get back on Sunday..... hmmmmmm we will see.

Well I'd better get going and finish packing and an early night as I have a 3 hour drive in the morning.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coming along slowly

"My Favourite Things" quilt is happening but slowly, I should be able to put one strip together soon..... "Our Kinda Wonderful" blog girls are doing this together so that helps with the old motivation thing.....

"Twilight Garden" is also slow going but there is a lot of work in each block.

Last but not least is "Christmas Fun" and yes its been slow going as well, this is only block 2...... you can see the others progress on the Christmas Fun blog.

Maybe I have too many things on the go at once...... nah.. silly me why on earth would I say that hehehehe.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Much Loved and a Little Bullied.....

Its great to be back to enjoy Melody's Teddy Bear Picnic so pop over to see other picnicers , I have brought a little friend with me today  but I don't think the  pumpkin is very good picnic food really. I was having a look at Sandi's picnic and she inspired me to join her with the theme  "Anti Bullying Day"  ....so I'm wearing a little Orange ribbon...... which brings me to my story..... I'm " Robbie's Teddy" and I belong to Helen's son "Robert"  I never actually got my own name but that didn't matter as we went everywhere together.... I was bought by "Auntie June" (Helen's sister) as a gift when I was born and he just about loved me to death really as you can see in these photos.... now to the bullying bit of my story, we had a dog called "Penny" and she got hold of me and ripped my face open..... Rob was so upset he wouldn't have his afternoon sleep till his Mum fixed me..... new eyes and a nose job later off to sleep he went and me too of course as I was so tired after my ordeal  so please support the "Anti Bullying Day" tomorrow.

I brought along a chocolate..... bit of a play on words ...."Rocky Road"...... see even a Bear has a sense of humour hehehehehe.

Robbie sure did love me heaps, I'm nearly all worn out.
Robbie's Grandma Rose made me the blue outfit.... its so cool don't you think ?

I went to hospital when Rob was 18months old and was very sick, they even put injections in me which I thought was a bit much but if it was helping Robbie then it was worth it.

There is nothing like a cuppa with a good mate.

Love you " Robbie"

He's a big boy now 42yrs so Helen is keeping me safe till he comes to get me......
gosh I hope he comes soon .... I miss him.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Another Earl Grey Moment block.

Block 5 of the lovely "Faeries in My Garden" quilt  "An Earl Grey Moment"

This was a very busy block to do but I think it was worth all the effort, can't wait to see it together but still a lot to go yet.

                                                       Bring on block 6.