Monday, May 30, 2011

A proud and busy TIS

Things have been very busy of late but all enjoyable which is great.

Our daughter ... Heather was inducted into the QLD Police Service on friday 27th, we are so proud of her and wish her well in the future, she has worked so hard to achieve this as she broke her foot and required an operation ... metal plate and 5 screws ... so she was many weeks on crutches during the 7 month program as a recruit but its all been worth the effort and we couldn't be happier for her.... well done Heather, we love you. If you want to have a look at the ceremony the police have put it on Youtube which is terrific.

The Police Pipes and Drum band, they were terrific.

Heather and her daughters, June and Corinne.

Heather with the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson.
A very proud moment for her.

Saturday we went to the opera to see Puccini's The Girl of The Golden West, we both enjoyed it very much.

Sunday I went to the movies with Corinne and Kenny to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides .... Johnny Depp is such a spunk..... so it was a terrific few days.

Its taken me quite a while to do this post as we were having a very nasty storm fortunately it passed quickly,bn I popped out to take a piccie of the  front lawn  and as you can see lots of hail.

Oooooops nearly forgot to show you my TIS stitch-a-long blocks for May.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Woohoooo Blossom Lane finished......

I'm so excited..... I have been working on this quilt for quite a long time .... its finally finished and hanging on my new quilt shelf...... I'm so very very happy with it as if you couldn't tell hehehehehehe. This was a BOM from "Faeries in My Garden" designed by Maureen Latta, its in the most beautiful fabric and hanging proudly on the wall behind my bed ....... I love it..... 





I'll have to find a few more little treasures for the shelf but that won't take me long I'm sure and thats another OPAM finish whoopeeeee....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy and sad Mothers Day

Here is the happy part...... 
 My Mothers Day started on Saturday actually, Corinne (g/daughter) and Kenny (bf) asked us to join them for lunch at Maleny in a most delightful  german restaurant called "King Ludwigs" .... it was just fantastic .... food, service and view were just stunning, if you ever get the chance to visit there you won't be disappointed ...I didn't know which photos to show everything was so nice so you get to see the lot.
Here we are arriving ready for lunch with good company.

This is the view of the Glass House Mountains from the veranda  of the restaurant..... fantastic and so relaxing we could have stayed there all day.

This is my light lunch.....Corinne had the same

Don't you just love the glass, its filled with sparkling Apple cider from Tasmania.... mmmmm

Gavan's main meal, Kenny was laughing at me taking photos of all the food, I guess it was a giggle .
Kenny's main meal, can't remember the name of the dishes.

Wow this was desert.... yummie sticky date pudding, it was fantastic.....

Kenny's desert, looks good don't you think.....

Corinne and Gavan both chose the same desert.

A couple of photos of the inside of the restaurant.....

We were seated on the veranda overlooking  the wonderful view, there were lovely shawls for the ladies on our chair, what a lovely touch.

Sunday my family came for lunch which was great so we had a very relaxing day with great company.

 Mothers Day was also very sad for me this year, its the first Mum's day without my Mum but having family with me was a  big help, I really miss her.

These warm goodies  my son Rob and his partner Mel gave me, I'm off to a retreat in August so they will get a work out then.

My (daughter) Heather and  (g/daughter) June gave me this beautiful frame, I'll have to find just the right piccie for it.

Here is Gavan working out on the WII fit we bought on Saturday so we can get on track with our fitness or at least thats the plan .....hehehehe .....doesn't he look a trick.

I do hope you all had a very very Happy Mothers Day with family and of course lots of goodies.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

What a little cutie

Isn't she a little cutie ...... Phoebe .....   a "Melly and Me" pattern, I've made her for Tereasa's lovely shop "Homespun and Beautiful" and I think she is really great in this fabric.... funky but very pretty as well.


She certainly is a show off, I'm sure she would great in almost any colour.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Melody's Tuesdays Treasures.....pets

Loved reading Melody's blog for her "Tuesday Treasures"  pop over to read her story it is a must read, mind you I'm having trouble typing as our little dog "Pippa" is sitting on my lap with her head buried under my arm as we are having a storm at the moment and she is very scared.
My story isn't very exciting but this is the first dog I have ever had as an inside pet, all our dogs were outside, anyone who knows me are amazed when they know our Pippa is in the house and even more amazed that she sleeps in my bedroom..... no no not on the bed I haven't changed that much........ she is the funniest pet we have ever had, she is a Jack Russell and has energy to burn.... we love her dearly. 

This is the way my hubbie and Pippa spend most evenings..... a picture no artist could paint.....


Looks innocent doesn't she but she is only resting after tearing her cute Tiger christmas present that Corinne gave her..... tore it to bits...... its now only a long piece of yellow material without stuffing so it needs to go in the bin.

and this is her other way of having fun.... killing snakes..... this one is on its back but I wasn't moving it for a photo even if it is dead..... Pippa did this while we were having our craft day, shook it and broke its back. She has been bitten but fortunately it was only a whip snake which won't kill anyone but it did make her sick .... did she learn ..... no ..... she has had a brown snake bailed up under a flower pot, shes also had a baby red belly black snake and killed it so I only  hope she doesn't get hurt by these nasty snakes.

Monday, May 02, 2011

So who's been a naughty girl ?

ME...... thats who !!!!!!!

Tereasa and I went to the Mother's Day Craft Extravaganza  yesterday, we both were very naughty but I think we deserved it hehehehe, the event is held in support of the Mount Tamborine Rural Fire Brigade so we did our shopping with only the best of intentions and we are mothers too so its all good. I took my camera so I could show you the great stalls but I was so excited with buying that I forgot to use it.

Here are my purchases..... a beautiful bag.... a must have

and of course these goodies I just had to have as well.....


ooooops these tooooo
                             aren't they just beautiful and so necessary too.          


I'm starting a wooden birdhouse collection.


This little fridge magnet is a special gift for my Corinne.... g/daughter.... she loves music.