Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quilt finish and swap pressies.

I've finally finished my "Jelly roll race" quilt and I'm very pleased with it, the colours are a bit out of the norm for me but I do like it for a change.
Ooooo I guess thats an OPAM too.

I ditch stitched the main part and on the border I made squares, you can't see it very well in this piccie as I used a matching thread. I was going to stipple the main area but seeing I'm the world's worst stippler went back to ditching.

My advent swap partner "Gai" ( no blog) has sent all these goodies and I can't wait for the 1st Dec to start opening the parcels.... well 1 each day should I say..... I will be good, I will be good.
Thanks Fee for organising this great swap.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another great Ornie Swap

We had another great swap in our "Friends in Stitching" group thanks to Sarah's Prim Treasures.
I was lucky enough to have Peg sending to me and she made this terrific rustic wall hanging which will look great when all the decorations come out for this christmas. Not sure but I think its a bit too large to hang on the tree as an ornie but maybe next to the tree..... just kiddin Peg.... I'm so naughty arn't I..... hehehehe.


I was sending to Bec but I wanted to do something a bit different this time so I searched the internet for inspiration and I was lucky enough to find it on "Freebie for Crafters" which then sent me to another blog "Hanging on by a needle and thread" so thank you for this terrific idea. Now I must make myself one too.

Friday, November 25, 2011

More spending and another block

Yes I'm guilty .....more spending but who can resist a good bargain, lovely fabric from Homespun and Beautiful of course..... where else would I go shopping.  Oh you might be surprised that I do have plans for all this fabric I'm buying lately so keep an eye on my blog next year and you might just see the results.

Of course I'm still slowly make progress on the "Wonderful" aka SKOW quilt and check out all the great blocks the girls are doing on the "Stitch-a-long" blog.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Swaps and finishes

Well no.... this is not a finish but a start.... a bit of a fib there sorry...... its part of the Stitch-a-long.... SKOW not keen on that name so  I like to call it "Wonderful" quilt.

Here is a cute finish though please meet  "Totti" isn't she a sweetie ? another Annie Smith doll and yes I'm already working on the next doll..... just love making dolls.

                                      She really is so sweet.

This is a Jelly Roll quilt called "Pandora's Box", I'm still having trouble with my quilt holder....he thinks if he does a lousy job that I won't ask him anymore, he's so wrong hehehehe. I bought this fabric from Tereasa's shop "Homespun and Beautiful" she has this range and others on sale, its always good to get a bargain when we can.

It was great to get all my swaps finished and posted so now I can get on with a couple of other gifts for family and friends. I had better get a move on with those though as the days just seem to be going faster than they used to..... or am I just getting old.... nah couldn't be.
                                       These are for Friends in Stitching group.

Ooooops nearly showed you a gift with the ladies name on it ...tut tut very naughty..... its a secret.
                                      These gifts are for an Advent Swap.
                                  Friends in Stitching Ornie swap.
Phew thats about it for the moment, can't add much to the OPAM list until my partners have opened their pressies. Now off to do a little stitching.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fun day and Block 1 done.

First block of my new quilt project is finished, its "An Earl Grey Moment" by "Faeries in My Garden" I'm doing this with Jenny so we are definately off to a good start.

Our Tuesday group was very small on Melbourne Cup day but that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves, good friends, drinks and yummie food all adds up to a great day.... sorry about the quality of the piccie, not sure what happened there as our drinks were alcohol free as we all had to drive home.


           Lots of chocolate..... Laurel and I made short work of it though.