Saturday, May 19, 2007

Christmas Belles progress report.

Block 8.

Block 12.

I have joined blocks 1 through to 8 together and it seems to be coming along quite well. The piccie isn't very good but I was in a hurry and couldn't be bothered hanging it up so this will have to do for the moment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A weekend with June (g/daughter)

June and I had a busy long weekend together, on Saturday morning we went to our local craft shop to buy fabric for a project we were going to make, then we baked a chocolate cake for my friend .... Jenny .... who was visiting on Sunday. Monday we visited Liz and her boys... Jake, Clayton ( my daughter, Junes Aunt) we had a lovely day.

Cleaning up after cooking.

Busy tracing and cutting out the doll.

Having a break......watching "Happy Feet"

This is a pattern from " Patchwork and Stitching" magazine ..."Rosemarie Jane" by Maria Lewty.

Here she is finished.
We made this doll together, June embroidered the cushion and pants, also machine sewing of the pants , stuffing the body and traced all pattern pieces with templates onto fabric ...... all for the very first time and she is only 9 years old. I'm very proud of her and I know " Rosie " will be happy living in June's bedroom.
We had heaps of fun over the weekend.