Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At last an OPAM

Love this doll, he's so cute and its great to have a Christmas project done as well.

I really have been busy even though I haven't much to show.

"I Believe" from a Homespun magazine and of course its an Annie Smith pattern.

Such adorable faces.... love them.

First OPAM for July.

Slow going with the Lynette Anderson BOM "Christmas Fun" but the end is in sight.

I have made a terrible mistake with this block..... you know the rule.... measure twice cut once..... hmmmmm wish I'd done that .... yes you guessed it I cut this one 1/2" short but I do have a plan.... trust me. hehehehe

This is the next block so I will be cutting this 1/2" short as well, hopefully my plan will work.

Only 2 blocks to go and another Christmas project will be finished.


Monday, July 23, 2012

So who is slack at posting .....?

Well I guess its me.... just haven't felt like it really, no reason just didn't feel like it    lol.

So this is catch up time..... 2 weeks ago our little Tuesday group went out for lunch and craft shopping and as usual lots of laughing and chatting went on.

Last Tuesday it was so good to have our Mary back with us, she hasn't been well and of course we missed her so welcome back Mary. This quilt she brought for show and tell it is so beautiful, made by her dear friend and completed by Mary.

Corinne has been wanting to learn how to make her own clothes so she now has my old sewing machine ( its a terrific old thing) fabric ... pattern and here is the start of lots more to come.

                             We got a little bit of sewing done here at my home.

I went to the Sunshine Coast today (where she lives)  to get the skirt finished and as you can see she is deep in concentration.

and tah dah.... the finished skirt, sorry about the quality of the photo but I was in a bit of a hurry and got a wobble up hehehehe might have to take another later.

You have done a terrific job Corinne and you will make a great sewer..... you should be very proud... I am.

Sunday I was off to see Clayton and Jake play AFL at Sherwood, we had a good time watching the boys strut their stuff and of course they were the best players on the field hehehehe.

Clayton's team at the end of the game sharing a boys moment.

Jake's team after a grand finish.

I do have a July finish of the craft kind but haven't taken a photo yet ......
hopefully I will take one tomorrow.