Saturday, March 29, 2014

FIS swap and more Twilight Garden

Our "Friends in Stitching" online group had a Gail Pan themed swap and this is the pressie I received from Vicki.

I love Christmas things so this was right up my alley and looks good on my mini quilt frame.

I nearly ate the card it looked so good....... all chocolate goodies.

There were chocolates too but I ate those very quickly.

You can just see the cute bookmark too.

Thanks heaps Vicki, I love it.

This is the gift I sent to Jenny.

I decided on doing a mini quilt as I know Jenny has a mini quilt frame and I felt sure she would like this pattern, naturally I had to add a couple of other goodies.

Yes yes another Twilight Garden block........ 6 to go......

Monday, March 24, 2014

Block update and Sunday Stitchers

Woohoooo another Twilight Garden block finished........

also more blocks finished  for Christmas Belles, keeping up with the plan.....

A terrific fun filled day with the Sunday Stitchers..... these girls are doing the Gossip in the Garden BOM

                  Maree, De, Teresa Jeanette and Cheryl.
                  someone didn't do their homework...... hmmmm Cheryl ?

                               Ooooops yours isn't finished either De........
       we thought it was done but having a closer look.... not quite
                               so they are both in the naughty corner.......

 Just a short post this time.......I'm off as there is a cuppa waiting.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

No more craft for me !!!!!!!!

Yep I decided that making projects just isn't for me so I have taken up a new hobbie, yes I know I used to do that too but now I won't be making any of them .......I will only be shopping for  craft projects .... eating..... going out with the girls and more shopping......cause that's what I seem to do best.....

                                          Seeeeee told ya, shopping

 Eating morning tea ..... I forgot to take a photo of lunch....boohoo

  I will be back if I decide to make something but I doubt it as I like my new career.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A little quickie and a visit.......

Its nice to have a finished project even if its only a little one, this is the kit I bought at Lynette Anderson's "Little Quilt Store"   when we went on our Tuesday girls Birthday road trip.

My daughter Liz and my long time friend Faith both just happened to visit on Friday so morning tea with scones and tea were a must, it was lovely to have a relaxing day with both of them...... we didn't do anything to speak of really just sat and chatted....... fantastic.....

Liz enjoying  a scone with jam and cream of course.


My cuppa and scones...... no I didn't make them, a bit naughty but they were very nice.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Twilight Garden progress and lessons needed I think !!!!!!!!

My mind is made up...... for what you ask....... to get this wonderful quilt finished ASAP...... why you ask..... just because I want to lol

2 more blocks done

Do I need lessons in photography hmmmmmmmm...... I think I do, I'm finding these blocks so hard to get a decent photo which is a pity as the subtle colours are so beautiful and not showing up so well in my photos but they will just have to do for now.

This is now my most important task to finish so stay tuned as there will be block photos coming fast and furious........ I hope anyway.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Birthday Road Trip and a finish.....

Teresa and Teresa have their birthdays on the same day as well as sharing the same name...... spooky.....
so of course that meant a day out for our little group.

The birthday girls chose where we would go so we were off on quite a long journey.

Teresa opening her gift.

                                                   Tereasa had just opened hers .

Then we were off to visit  "The  Little Quilt Store" Lynette Anderson's lovely shop.

                      Norreen, Teresa, Sandi, me and Tereasa.

       Yes we did stop for coffee after that..... need I say really.....

Then we went to "The Patchwork Angel" another lovely store and yes more goodies bought.

These are my goodies for the day.... I was very strong I think..... Teresa gave us each a wooden ribbon holder as a keepsake of our day out.

We found a lovely little cafe in Buderim for lunch but I didn't take any piccies for some reason even I don't know.

Another craft shop and then off home, the traffic on the way home was so slow but we made if fun and giggled all the way...... another wonderful day with the girls.

I do have a finish...... finally, this terrific table runner by Anni Downs called "Tiny Town Tablerunner" it was fun to make.... really love this project.

I do have another finish but unfortunately its a secret so I can't show it just yet..... soon though.

Well that's about it for today, I hope you are enjoying some stitching time too.