Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I've been too busy to post ... tut tut

Sorry more Tassie holiday photos.
Here we are in George Town, we found this great place called "Belles Tea house" it is such a quaint place that I could have stayed there for hours and hours.......
This is the front veranda, isn't this great
and inside is even better  "old world" and so me
                                          A lovely cup of tea

a terrific lunch.... oops nearly forgot to take a photo, the relish on our lunch was sooooo good  we asked the lady where we would be able to buy some and she obliged us with the name "Hill Farm" relish .... it is a Tasmanian product... we have found a place in Brisbane that sells it and yes we have some already.
The view..... sadly it was a bit overcast that day.
My only craft shop visit and it was closed.... bad luck for me, good luck for Gav.
                                                 Calico Crossroads
View along our way to "The Gorge"
Gavan on the chairlift
he is up there if you look very closely
Me being a person who doesn't like heights sat and waited till he returned, I had  a  lovely visit from this beautiful peacock.
Well that's it for today but I will be back with more photos soon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

At last I'm able to post.....but where do I begin !!!!

At the beginning of course.......
Our Tassie holiday, we were so lucky to have glorious weather, it was a lovely change after leaving soggy Queensland.
We arrived in Launceston on Saturday found our accommodation and then I left Gavan to have a little sleep so I could  join the Tassie girls from "Friends in Stitching"...... we met at Leanne's house and what did we do ?       Stitch, laugh, eat, laugh, coffee, laugh, you get the picture ..... I had the best time and they made me feel so welcome.
After our little get together we all went out for tea and what a tea it was...... look at those plates.

starting from the left.... Sarah, Vicki... hubbie Glenn, me, Roseanne and Leanne.

Sarah and Vicki googling away making our itinerary plans for the rest of our holiday..... gosh they love their phones.
Roseanne's dessert ..... I really wanted to join her but the main course was just too filling.

You may have noticed a bit of chatter in blogland about "Tags" and in particular these tags.
I thought it would be nice to give all the Tassie girls a small gift but it has caused such a stir with my stitching group..... its so funny really...... the tagless one (Sandi) don't tell her I said anything will you ?

Thanks so much for a terrific time Tassie girls.
I will be back with more holiday photos in the next couple of days ( boring I know)
I haven't been able to blog until now as we have had a little dispute with Telstra but it seems to be fixed now ...... I hope.

                                                So that might do for now.

Friday, March 01, 2013

A special birthday

Last Tuesday at our stitching group we had an early celebration for these 2 special people.
Teresa (on left) was having the big 50 birthday and Tereasa (on right) was also having her birthday...... the real day for them both is on Sunday the 3rd March...... how spooky is that same names and birth dates........
A birthday cake of course and it was sooooo yummie too..... black forest mmmmmm

and food ...... we are such young things that we had to have fairy bread
plus lots of other goodies

Enjoy your 50th Teresa,  I hope that your family and friends make it a very very special day for you.........  of course the same wishes are for you Tereasa,  do something special ..... nah don't do anything just enjoy the day.

My posting might be a bit lax for a while as we are off to Tasmania for 10 days, hopefully I don't take the rain with me....... looking forward to seeing the "Friends in Stitching" girls there, we are having a bit of a stitch and chat tomorrow after we check into our motel and also out to dinner with them, then off on our travels.