Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lots of preparation

I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment so while my mojo is here I thought it best to get some preparation done...

Last Tuesday I didn't have anything ready to sew so not much was achieved except for chatting and laughing with the girls.... I did stitch something that I don't even like very much so it will go back in the cupboard for another time.

No excuses now so I'm off to stitch.... stitch and more stitching.

I have some happy mail coming very soon from Patchworks Plus and I would like to get started 
ASAP..... not for any reason really ..... just because I'm very excited about the wonderful fabrics.
So that's it for now as stitching is calling me......

Friday, September 26, 2014

Mystery Quit progress

Block 5 of Libby Richardson's Mystery quilt is finished...... well almost..... there should be bunting hanging from the shelf with cute heart buttons but I will add them after quilting I think.

I love this block but that's really a silly thing to say .... why you ask ?
Well I say it after each block, it's not my fault if Libby keeps making cute blocks.
Yesterday I prepared the next block for stitching...boy there is a lot of work in each block .....
definitely worth it though.

Monday, September 22, 2014

High Tea and a little shopping.

What a fantastic day we had at "French and Mor" cafe.....

Some of the Sunday Stitchers and Tuesday Girls enjoying a delightful High Tea.

Wonderful treats

We were doing a little shopping at "Quilt Essentials" and also"Quilter's Corner"

What a gaggle of girls....

Purchases made at both stores of course and I was sooooo good......
2 craft shops and that's all I bought.

Thanks for organising such a wonderful day Sandi.

Happy mail for me today
 Just like a Jigsaw.... I really must get a move on with these lovely fabrics.  

Background fabric for stitcheries and a ruler from Patchworks Plus.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stitcher's Dream Day Out 2014

Last Sunday our little Tuesday group ventured to the "Stitcher's Dream Day Out" organised by
" The Quilter's Angel"... it was a fabulous day with lots of games, stitching and laughter.

This is an overload post of photos so I won't patter on too much ......

so on with the show.....

We were early that gave the girls a chance to enjoy a cuppa together.....
Hot chocolate for me.

A full view of the hall.

Guest designers..... Debbie Magee and Libby Richardson.

Goodie bag.

Libby showed how to paint her lovely bears..... a bit more practice is needed for me though.

 Both designers made 2 projects each for us to stitch.
Libby's projects

Debbie's projects.

Debbie also made a cute little needle case as an extra.

Look who we saw there..... Fiona.....

Lunch was healthy so no photos there but its not a day out for us without something naughty.
So off to the Village Green to enjoy a coffee and cake..... it was soooo yummie too.

 Yes retail therapy of course but I was a very good girl I think, a couple of Christmas ornies and a pattern.

How's that ???????

Then off home for these tired little chickies.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Another block done

Block 4 of Libby Richardson's Mystery Quilt.

It's great watching this quilt grow with every new block.

I'm off now to get the next block ready for stitching, I'm sure the postie will be bringing another very soon.

Monday, September 01, 2014

A couple of finishes.....,

Actually its 2 Christmas finishes ......

feeling very pleased with myself.

Firstly is my "Christmas Belles"..... there is a bit of a long story about this quilt so rather than bore you to death I'll cut it short....

This is my second version of the quilt, the first was in 2007.... I decided to sell the quilt at the time as I didn't really want it for some silly reason and I was told by my friends " you will be sorry "  I do hate to say they were right. After a lot of thinking I decided to make it again ( I never make a quilt twice.... till now) I wanted to use all the same fabrics, after 7 years I was lucky enough to find nearly all the original fabrics in my stash and scrap box but the border did prove more difficult so many hours of googling went on and yep I found it at the "Quilter's Store" not far from home as it turns out.
 I needed 1.2 metres for border and binding but when I looked at the bolt of fabric I didn't think there was enough so the lady measured it...... and ....... there was 1.25mts on the bolt..... I couldn't believe it so naturally I snapped it up.



This quilt is for Gavan's chair at Christmas time of course..... I don't think he sees the point of changing his chair quilt but it just doesn't fit in at that time of year... not a man thing.

A simple Jelly Roll quilt.

So back to normal sewing now..... I'll give Christmas stuff a miss for the time being.