Saturday, September 28, 2013

Who are your favourite designers and why ?

I have been thinking  (no I didn't give myself a headache) about my favourite designers and why I like them so here goes......

Anni Downs ..... Hatched and Patched
Annie Smith.....Country Keepsake Dolls
Sally Giblin....Rivendale Collection
Michelle Ridgway....Rag-Tag Stitchin

The reasons are very simple really, all of these ladies patterns are very easy to understand with clear instructions and I've not found any mistakes many patterns these days are confusing with lots of errors and for me it is very frustrating and spoils the whole experience of crafting. I guess its not hard to see who are my favourites by checking out my blog posts and photos so I am very interested in your comments and to hear about your favourites.

Naturally you would expect my little project that I have to show you will be from one of the above ladies and you would be right..... its an Anni Downs pattern "Pear Tree Pincushions" they were fun to make .... there are so many lovely pincushions around so I think I will add a few more to my collection.

Well I'm off to a retreat on Monday with the Tuesday girls at Glenrose Cottage in Warwick and like Teresa I have all the essentials ready ...... lollies and choccies of course..... what is a retreat without loads of sugar.

                                                                  2 sleeps to go girls......

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another big and small finish

Well here it is my big finish ....... "Crazy Christmas" quilt, pattern by Lynette Anderson and stitched by me, all those fingers belong to Teresa and Norreen they do such a good job of being "quilt hangers"..... pity about the bird with the camera as the colours are much nicer than they look here...... a bit too much light there I think.

The back of the quilt looks pretty good too but I think I need to take better photos in the future.
Yes you can just see the label in the bottom corner.

Now for the small finish, this is a Marg Low kit I bought when I went to Melbourne for the Craft Show.

     A great project to do and lots of fun too..... I will definitely be making more of these.

I think that's enough Christmas projects for a little while..... except of course for the BOM in the Homespun magazine which will be done for this year.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


This doesn't look much for my nights stitching but I'm happy with what I have done.
It's my "Crazy Christmas" quilt and its a "quilt as you go" so heaps of sashing to stitch down .... today I attached the binding and that will be finished soon.

Chocolate made the evening go a little faster and was so yummie too....... I'm off to check out other FNSI stitchers to see what they achieved...... pop over to Wendy's blog (our host for the night) to see who else played along.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Grab the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) button

I have my project all ready to go for tonight's FNSI, I never seem to have my projects organised for the stitch in but not this time. If you would like to join in the fun pop over to Wendy's blog and add your name to the list.

I forgot to put this little project in my last post...... its a Libby Richardson pattern perfect for this frame that I've had in the cupboard for a longgggg time. Sorry about the flash reflection  but I think you can still see the gorgeous little bear.

Well I'm off now to buy some chocolate for my nights stitching..... 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

An outing and another block

Home alone and pondering my plans for the day while enjoying a cuppa and cake.

Last Thursday we had an outing with friends at Harrigans Hotel , Calypso Bay.

 I forgot to take my camera so I took this lousy photo with my phone but I guess its better than no photo.

Forgot to take a photo of my lunch but couldn't miss one of dessert, this was Gav's, he said it was wonderful.

         My Sticky Date pudding with caramel sauce......yummo

    The outlook from our table, you can just see the water in the background.

               Another "Its Time for Christmas" BOM in the Homespun magazine.

 This post is short and sweet today........ hahaha...... I'm on a mission with my "Crazy Christmas" quilt, its a "quilt as you go" so I'm on the home run now..... I hope you have enjoyed your weekend doing heaps of sewing.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Big and small finishes.......

At last my "Figgy Pudding" quilt is finished and of course that's the big finish...... I'm so happy with this quilt and its quite different in style from my other Christmas quilts but I'm sure it will fit in somewhere, Corinne is eyeing it off as it would fit very nicely with her Christmas colours so I will have to make sure that it doesn't disappear when I'm not looking...... 

The trees are 3D I guess you could say ...... I should have taken a photo with my hand behind them so you could get an idea of what I mean...... might do that tomorrow and add another photo.

Hmmmm maybe I will have to decorate the bedroom this year or should I give it to Corinne, we will see.

                                                   Every quilt needs a label 

Now for my small finish, this tiny pin cushion is a kit from "Patchwork Mariko Japan", I love small projects.... ooops should have put a couple of pins in it.

These are the last of my "Crazy Christmas" blocks stitched so I can now start joining this quilt together too and hopefully it will be another finish..... woohooooo

"It's Time for Christmas" BOM   from the Homespun magazine that I'm doing with  a couple of  friends  from our Tuesday Girls group ...... this should be finished for Christmas too we hope.

Well I seem to be on a roll at the moment so I'm off to get the next block ready to begin.