Friday, April 30, 2010

No April OPAM's..... but !!!!!

Sadly I can't report any OPAM's for April even though I have been working hard but unfortunately everything I'm doing at the moment are not finishes yet mostly BOM's and of course this Jelly Roll quilt that I was doing on the retreat with friends. Here are a few piccies of work in proress.

Finally the top is done and now I'm going to have it quilted professionally, never had anything done before so this will be a new experience for me.... sure hope I will be happy.

Naturally Pippa had to be in the lime light with her dirty little bone. Love these blocks , this is from the book "Jelly Roll Quilts" and this one is called Twin Stars.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lots of stuff to report

These are the fabrics I'm using for the "Gardeners Journal" quilt, I've joined a group called "Stitch-a-long" and its so good to see how many girls are doing this together, it sure helps with motivation. Click on the book logo on the sidebar to see what everyone is up to.

The sunday before Easter I decided to take my g/daughter June to the movies so we booked our tickets online the night before just to make life a bit easier but the best plans turned a bit nasty as you can see below.... all dressed up ready to go and this is what greeted us when we got into the garage in the morning..... 1 flat tyre but oh no .... 2 flat tyres ....hows that for bad luck so we called June's dad to help us get to the movies a little late but we did get there, it was very dark and the movie had just started but of course someone had sat in our booked seats so poor June nearly sat on a mans lap who of course didn't move so we had to find other seats....... a bad start but we had a good time and enjoyed the movie "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D so all turned out ok in the end.

2 flats both on the passenger side... grrrrrrr but we did see the funny side of it in the end as they were only flat on the bottom lolllllll

Here is my organised chaos on the Easter weekend.

Still trying to finish the jelly roll quilt I took on my retreat, getting there slowly as you can see.

I've also decided to begin making the "Breast of Friends" quilt from the Homespun magazines, I bought the fabric when these patterns first came out so its high time to get started.

Catching up seemedd to be the order of the day on the weekend, I'm in an online group called "Friends in Stitching" and we are doing a BOM and I was 3 blocks behind so finally caught up and hopefully will keep up from now on. It seems to take me longer to pick fabric than doing the project.

Here are the finished blocks.