Sunday, October 27, 2013

Liz has a big birthday ....

Last Thursday it was our Liz's 40th Birthday so we took her out for lunch and enjoyed a quiet day really.
Taking a photo of Liz is always difficult as she pulls funny faces....... don't know where she gets that from, its her Dad I think.

My lunch wasn't as good as it looks which was a pity.

      But Liz really enjoyed hers so that's good ..... being the birthday girl.......

     Liz and I had this yummie dessert... we did get one each lol ..... Gav had Ice Cream and flavouring.

I have been a bit slack showing my purchases from the Craft show.... as you can see I was a very good girl.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

FNSI and a little purchase

Well once again I didn't seem to achieve much with the FNSI.... I did have heaps planned but I can't stitch as fast as I would like to...... sadly I can't show what I did get done as they are both secret Santa stuff so you will just have to believe me when I say I did do some stitching.

Its always nice knowing that we are stitching with others and I'd like to Thank Wendy for organising these nights..... pop over and see who else was playing with us.

I made a small purchase at "The Christmas Beetle" and it came with this lovely lace which was such a surprise .... a nice little gift, Thank You.

I hope to make this fabric into a table runner very soon or at least before the 1st December when all the decorations go up.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Its time for FNSI again and I'm hoping to make some progress on my swap pressies also some stitching for myself...... oops sounds a bit optimistic but big plans are better than no plans. Pop over to Wendy's blog and join in the fun.

I have finished another block from "Twilight Garden" and I still have heaps to go but I'm back on deck with it again although I have said that before but I really mean it this time, I love this quilt and would like to see it finished soon.

At this time of year we are all busy with secret sewing, this is a sneak peek of one that I'm doing.

This plant was bought for me by my Mum quite a few years ago now, she had been on a trip to the Toowoomba Flower Show... it was a tiny plant at the time and I haven't got a clue what its called but its now flowering and looks so pretty...... its a pity that she never got to see it in flower, she loved bright flowers and would have loved this one.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OMG not with the girls.....

Well we were off again today for another outing.......our first stop was "East Coast Fabric" where the girls bought a little bit of craft fabric and I got fabric for clothing.....then off to "Sewing World Springwood " for more craft goodies.

The shop of the day...... fun fun fun...... Christmas music and we were in the spirit of it all.......

Finally got a piccie with Teresa in it (told you I would) don't you love Norreen and Teresa's new friend.

Sorry Teresa I pinched this photo from you..... I love it..... naughty little girls in a Christmas shop.

                                                       Sandi, Norreen and me.

Lunch of course..... don't you love the salad, glad it was so little as I needed to leave room for !!!!!!!

this and I'm sure I haven't got to tell you what it is..... so yummie.

Naughty girls get to buy lots of goodies and I couldn't go past this lovely train...... can't wait for Christmas.....

More little ornies I couldn't leave behind.....also a few things I can't show shhhhh swaps you know.

Yes it is  "beginning to look a lot like Christmas"    

Last stop for the day was a local scrapbooking shop and naturally more goodies...... oh yes I finally was able to get the Country Threads mag too. 

Well I feel all tuckered out from all this shopping...... its so nice to have fun with terrific friends and they are just that....... Thanks again girls.

Friday, October 11, 2013

More fun times

The Warwick retreat photo I forgot to show you, look at the plates of naughtiness there but boy they were yummie.

Norreen, Jenny, Teresa and Sandi.

Tuesday was another fun day at Sandi's home, a few of us bought a veggie thingeeeee gadget to make our salads look pretty so of course we had to give it a go together and naturally have more fun.
Sandi does look so beautiful wearing  her carrot and cucumber stringee things.

Thursday was another day out at the Craft Extravaganza at Mt. Tamborine,  buying goodies was high on our agenda, firstly we needed yummies and coffee to build up our strength for shopping.

 My shopping...... there is more but I can't show any of my secret goodies.
I didn't need these 2 Christmas items but I just had to have them.

Sandi, me and Norreen with our shopping, I seem to have missed a photo of  Teresa..... tut tut..... I will get you next time my friend.

We then went to Gallery Walk and had lunch at the Tamborine Winery, we had worked up an appetite and needed a very longgggg chat  and food.

                                    Another fun filled day ..... thank you girls.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Glenrose Retreat

We all arrived safe and sound at Glenrose for our retreat and there waiting for us was a terrific morning tea, lovely scones and a cuppa.

A beautiful place with a fantastic craft shop and naturally we all spent up big for things I'm sure we could do without but of course wanted.

                                          Much laughter as usual.....

                                          Jenny and I shared this cabin.

For some silly reason I don't seem to have taken photos of all the great work that was achieved by the girls.

  This is the spider web quilt that Norreen was working on, looking great too.

 I was also working on the same project but I didn't get as far as Norreen unfortunately.

Jenny was making this Tumbling Blocks quilt.

                                        Jenny trying to get water from the well.

Naturally we went for coffee and cake in Warwick at Brysons and did a bit of shopping there too.

          A quiet moment and looking very busy in the work room.

          Our last visit to the craft shop so another photo had to be taken.

Teresa, Laurel, Jenny, Norreen,Sandi, me and Tatyana.

               I'll pop back tomorrow to show my retreat shopping.

              Thanks girls for such a wonderful time, you are the best fun.