Saturday, February 28, 2015

Natalie Bird workshop with the Sunday Stitchers and other stuff

What a fantastic day we all had at Natalie Bird's workshop last Sunday.

Thank you Natalie.... it was great to spend time chatting with you.

Maree organised the day for everyone and what a great job she did, lots of very happy ladies enjoying stitching together.
We had goodie bags and Maree had made these little name badges for us all.....
I forgot to take a piccie of the goodie bags, actually I forgot to take a lot of photos so I've had to pinch a few from the other girls...... very naughty.

We had the choice of 2 projects, I chose this one and I hope to finish it very soon.

This is the other one..... naturally I had to buy a few pieces of fabric for the projects.
Natalie also gave us all another little pre-printed stitchery...... lovely.

A bit of show and tell by the girls..... projects of Natalie's of course.

What can one say about much work she puts in for the girls.....
making so many yummie cakes and organising a terrific lunch.

Just a big Thank You I guess......
I had such a great time with all the ladies from our Sunday Stitchers and a few ladies I hadn't met before.

On to a bit of sewing now.....
I made 6 of these little bags for some special ladies but .....
 yep I forgot to take photos again, this is Sandi's bag.... I pinched her photo.

I had a lovely morning tea last week with my Liz, we had lots of giggles and food of course.

Scones for Liz.....

and Sticky Date Pudding for me.

Another little outing for morning tea earlier last week with Gavan.....
more yummie naughtiness.

I also didn't put this photo in my last post.... 
the lovely Norreen gave me this hanging from Warwick, its so cute.
Thanks Noreen I love it.

I didn't put this photo in either, just a few purchases from the Glenrose retreat.

Well I think I have caught up with everything now or at least I hope so.
There has been more stitching going on here but they are all secrets so I can't reveal them as yet.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Glenrose retreat with the girls.

Our retreat begins with packing.....
heads.... check
sewing machine....check
Zucchini slice... check

Such a beautiful place to have a retreat and craft shop.

We are always greeted with freshly made scones and a cuppa....

Our first outing was of course coffee and cake at Bryson's.
We need to introduce our new ladies to the sites of Warwick....
we are soooo thoughtful.

Salted caramel slice for me...... sooo yummie.

Sandi gave us all a goodie bag, what a lovely surprise.
there were Mini Oreo treats but they are all gone now.

Thanks Sandi ....

Yes I did do some sewing..... this little lady needed a body....
she is all tuckered out from all that stuffing....

Food is a large part of our retreat..... our first meal together.

We each brought a plate and it was all great healthy food until the desserts came out...... boy oh boy were they good.... I didn't get a photo of them so you will just have to believe me.

While we were sleeping these naughty little girls had a high old time....
I feel soooo ashamed of my doll but fortunately she did pull herself together and then behaved as any self respecting lady should.

I think it could have been Jenny's doll that led my girl astray.....




I should be sewing really but playing with dolls is more fun.

Meet "Little Miss" an Annie Smith pattern.

This little bag was a kit I bought when I visited New Zealand last year.

A fun bag to make..... I bought it from "Annies Country Quilt Store".

We found a new place to eat and shop as well....
Warwick's Gardens Galore and enjoyed a wonderful lunch

A farewell photo .....

also a last coffee and cake at Bryson's.

Thanks so much for another wonderful retreat girls....

to our retreat guests..... De... Susan and Noela.....
 a huge thanks for helping to make our time away so fantastic.

This is our well behaved group photo.... 
we can do it but its soooo boring don't you think ?

from the top row.
Helen, De and Sandi.

Here is my "Little Miss" hanging in my sewing room....
 I found just the right button for her hat in my stash.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

And the biggieeee is !!!!!!!


Its finished my "Mystery Quilt" designed by Libby Richardson.

I just love it to bits.

A few close ups.

 This is my favourite part..... I can't think of another thing to say really.....
love... love it.

 Tomorrow morning I'm off to Warwick for a Glenrose retreat with the girls.....
can't wait to see everyone and of course to visit our favourite Cafe..... Bryson's.....

Next time you see these girls they will have bodies, clothes and hair I hope.

One of these is for Jenny, I'm sure we will have fun making these girls up together.

Well that's it for today, 

I told you Desley it was a biggie for my blog this afternoon and I didn't want to disappoint you.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More wreath ornies and a few giggles.

2 more ornies for our Christmas Wreath..... this is more fun than I had imagined and to do it as a group makes it even better.



Naughty ... naughty girls...... Teresa needed us to pose for a photo and of course that was a silly thing to do really, I hope she didn't want us to behave...... but that's not likely to happen.
Well the giggling started and went on and on, this lounge just wasn't built for us 3 ........

Yep we were good up to a point and then it got the better of us......

We got stuck in the lounge and all that laughing didn't help either.

If the photos are blurry at all its because Teresa was laughing far to much at our plight...... I bet she won't ask for us to pose again.

Gosh I love Tuesdays.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Short and sweet....

Yep this post will be short and sweet....
more progress on the Christmas Wreath with the Tuesday Girls..... 
2 Candy Canes. 

My little basket of wreath ornies.

Out with friends today for morning tea and we went back to the Birchgrove Nursery ...

this is the wonderful Apple Normandy, its so yummie.

Yep that's it for today, hopefully I will have a biggie to show very soon.