Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just the two of us and a feathered friend.

Last week we decided to take a little morning tea trip to Kooralbyn, we were told about a cafe to try called "Valley Kitchen" and it was terrific, homemade food which is a lovely change from a lot of cafes.

We weren't alone though..... this Magpie was enjoying our morning tea as well, Gav was giving him some small treats..... I think he must do this with all the customers as he was so tame.

It was lovely sitting on the verandah..... very enjoyable.

Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake..... yum....

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sort of finishes

 Block 3 of "Teddy Tea Party" quilt.

Block 7 of Libby Richardson's "Mystery Quilt" BOM
waiting for the postie to bring the next block.

No. 4  Just Like a Jigsaw by Sue Daley.

I must get on with this...... hmmmmm not sure when though.

Preparation and stitching these little blocks, they are for my metal Christmas Tree.

There are 8 small hangings..... you will understand when I get them finished on the tree.

We are going on holiday to New Zealand next week and I would like to visit a few craft shops.

So I  have a little question that someone might be able to help me with......

are there any shops that I shouldn't miss ?

Monday, October 27, 2014

If only !!!!!!!

Well the heading says it all really.....

If only what ?  

....... if only my blog posts were as up to date as my sewing.

I'm so naughty that I haven't even uploaded the piccies onto the computer, no wonder I couldn't find them.

This will be a photo overload and not so much chatter which is lucky for all out there in blogland.

Another day out with the girls..... this was going to be a short day but that just never happens with this lot.

Mind you this all happened on the 17th Oct...... yes I know  "late"

We began at a new shoe shop at Canungra.... "The Shoe Vault"

Sandi is having a ball ...... so many lovely shoes whatever will she do....

buy of course....

Then on to Mt. Tamborine for the Scarecrow Festival.

I'll let the photos talk for themselves...

Love this angel..... she is made from plastic shopping bags, very clever.

Then on to "Birchgrove Nursery" with a coffee shop...... 

what a gem this place is

How on earth are these girls going to choose from the wonderful cakes.

My choice was Apple Normandy made by a local lady and it was just perfect.

We checked out the beautiful roses and boy were they fabulous.

This one was very special..... its the Official Daniel Morcombe Rose.

Just too many to show them all.

Finally we ended up at a gorgeous shop at Cleveland "Linen and Lace" 
so many lovely things to buy here that's for sure

This cutie jumped into my bag...... naughty girl....

Thanks girls for another splendid day.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Craft Show and a couple of finishes

Brisbane Craft Show was another fun outing with these girls.... it doesn't matter where we go really it's always fun.

Sandi, Jenny, me and Norreen..... Teresa is taking the piccie and yes I forgot to take one of her.... 
sorry Teresa.

Sandi gave us a survival kit.... a cute little envelope with 4 tiny packets of Tic Tacs.....
yes 2 were gone by the time I took this piccie.

My shopping which I must say was very restrained I think.....
I gave Norreen and Jenny very clear instructions 
 there were  2 that I was very keen on so they did well as you can see there isn't any quilt patterns in my shopping .... thank you girls.

Lunch for me was Yoghurt Granola and a caramel Latte......

I have 2 finishes to show..... this cushion was a project from the "Stitchers Dream Day Out"
A very cute bear by Libby Richardson and I even painted the bear, I'm very pleased with this project.

Another little project from the same day is this Butterfly needlecase by Debbie Magee.
Very cute I think and useful too.

So quick and easy,  it only took about an 1 hour.

Finally I have finished my day with a yummie Turkish Delight Coffee......

Monday, October 06, 2014

Caught up and waiting ......

Block 6 of Libby Richardson's Mystery Quilt.

It's so good to have caught up with these beautiful blocks..... I seemed to get a bit behind lately for some reason...... although my Hubbie keeps asking  me  "behind what and what's the hurry ?" and my response is "I dunno, I'm just behind where I wanted to be" gosh why do they ask silly questions....

Yep I'm going to say it again ..... "each block gets better in this quilt".....

I have to add a couple of little embellishments but I will do that after quilting I think.

Now I'm waiting for Block 7 to arrive.....

Thursday, October 02, 2014

A finish and naughtiness....

This gorgeous stitchery was part of a project  (designed by Libby Richardson)  from the "Stitchers Dream Day Out" was supposed to be a journal cover but not being a journal person I decided to make a holder for my Cottage Garden threads.
I measured up the threads and made it up as I went along, pretty happy with it too.
I used the fabrics that were meant for the journal cover and this is the end result.

It holds 16 threads which I'm sure wont' take long to fill at all.

Now on to my naughtiness..... shopping of course....
I bought these beautiful fabrics from "Patchworks Plus" and Sarah added that cute bear pattern....
Thanks so much for that Sarah. I'm going to use the "Hexagon Magic" pattern so I hope to start it very soon.

I might even make a little bear as well, they are so cute.