Sunday, June 29, 2014

A quick post today.

These zipper project bags are so good, Sandi gave me one as a gift and I use it all the time so more are needed for other projects.

We went to lunch yesterday with friends and I couldn't resist taking this photo of Don's dessert, it was huge but his wife Carolyn helped him out.

She is looking a bit shocked here .......

Its time again for our winter retreat at Glenrose, I'm sure it will be a little chilly in Warwick but all the laughing should keep us warm.
We are heading off in the morning..... Teresa. Sandi and me.
Sewing packed ..... just got to get the clothes ready...... yep I have the lollies too.

I will be back on Thursday so there will be lots of piccies as usual.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mischievous Gossip and finishes.....

Now what can I say really .... that naughty Sandi is telling porkies, I don't hate mug rugs..... I just can't see the point of them ..... but the girls give me  a hard time now and again that I don't have one and I usually have my water bottle in a plastic bag the real story is.......I bought this lovely fabric to make the "Hatched and Patched " Mug Bag, then thought  I really agree that I need a water bottle bag as a plastic bag is a bit slack.... yes it does have insul-bright in it so it should stay nice and cold...... I decided to make a mug rug to hush the girls up but now thinking about it..... I have given in to peer this will be the one and only mug rug I make and no I don't want anymore.

These girls are so naughty but heaps of fun that's why I chose the saying on the mug rug and they are truly great friends to have..... love you girls.

Now onto something more sensible, we have been making this very cute pincushion which is a "Birdhouse" pattern and was a lot of fun to make.

I have just noticed that the mouse has only got 2 feet...... poor little fellow..... lol

This is our "Bevy of Beautiful Mouses"....... yes I do know that's not a word..... lol
but I love making up words.

Poor Teresa didn't have her pincushion on Tuesday as she has been without her sewing machine but if you pop over to her blog she has now finished it.

Food is always a big part of our days together but this all looks a bit healthy for us.....
yummie though.

That's it for now.

Our lovely Tuesday friend Norreen has joined the blog world after a few problems so if you could encourage her that would be wonderful.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hush hush ..... shopping and a finish....

This  is very hush hush...... so this is as much as I can show for now, stay tuned.

I joined the Jigsaw club at Patchwork with BusyFingers hopefully I can get started this week.

My parcel contained this terrific folder with 2 of Sue Daley's little books, hexie papers, templates, needles, cottons and fabric so no excuses not to start.

I was very naughty buying this wonderful fabric pack from Threadbear Patchwork and quilting, I have the pattern for "Miss Matty's Parlour" quilt so looks as though I have something else to start.

I needed a fat 1/4 to make a small project so off to "Sewer's Delight" I went and they were having a sale so my fat 1/4 turned into 4 metres of fabric, the hanger and bobbins...... ho hum I'm so weak I know.....

Now to my finish, Sandi...Teresa...Norreen and me have been making the "Mouse Pincushion"  pattern by "The Birdhouse" and it has been a lot of fun to make.

Well almost a lot of fun.... I was adding the crushed walnut shells today and yep I spilt them everywhere... even in my cuppa, the coffee table, my chair so that slowed me down but I did get it finished.

Its very cute and useful but I think it will look great with my pincushion collection too.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yep slow again...... oh dear

Biggest Morning Tea hosted by Sunday Stitcher's and I think this sign says it all really.

Terrific cake made by Maree.

Wonderful goodies by the ladies.

My plate..... yep I did go back for more.....

I was a lucky girl ..... I won the raffle ,thanks Teresa for pulling my name out.

 Lots of lovely goodies hiding in the box.

More blocks from the girls doing "Gossip in the Garden" .... they are making great progress.

Monday Gavan and I picked up our new car .... I so love red cars.

On our way home we decided to celebrate with a coffee and these yummie Churos with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce...... gosh they were terrific, I guess you could call them "naughty but nice"

I do have more news but I don't want to overload you so I will be back tomorrow with more......

Saturday, June 14, 2014

At last !!!!!!!!

"Twilight Garden"
designed by .... Maureen Latta.

Oh my goodness I thought I would never finish this beautiful quilt.....
I'm very pleased with it too, I had wanted to put it in the spot you see here above my bed  but it is too big so I will have to find another place for it.

Phew I feel quite relieved actually, that's a big project taken off my ever growing list.
I can relax now, no not really there are more big things to come...... heavens knows why this took me so long but we do seem to get distracted with other projects......that might have to change I think.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Block 2 of "Teddy Bear Tea Party"

Just a quick post to show the 2nd Block of "Teddy Bear Tea Party" 

Bright flowers bring fond memories of my Mum.........

I have been preparing blocks of  "Libby's Mystery Quilt" and "Christmas Belles" today, time consuming but all ready for stitching now.

I have "Twilight Garden" pinned and ready to be quilted.

Friday, June 06, 2014

A little outing and other stuff......

We decided to go out for a short drive today but it turned into a very long day......  it was very enjoyable though..... here we are driving up to the Spring Mountain Cafe.....

Beautiful scenery but sadly not captured very well on phone camera

A few cows in the paddock next to the cafe...

Whats an outing without Devonshire Tea

 Tuesday we had another Birthday celebration  it was Laurels day and of course we had pressies and lots of food.

 Teresa did a wonderful job making the cake and yes it was good.

Another  Christmas Belles block finished.....

Top section is altogether, its great to be joining the blocks as we go.

I really must get a design wall .... its not good to be using this quilt to hang blocks on.
Very naughty.

Another "Trick of the Cards" block completed.

Lovely mail came today, backing fabric for Twilight Garden so no excuses now.
 2nd block of Libby's Mystery Quilt BOM arrived as well.

Well that's it for today as this little chick is tired and needs a lovely cuppa.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Chooky's party results and give a little help.

If you could pop over to Chookyblue's blog and lend a hand by signing her petition that would be great, information is on her sidebar.... it really is such a good cause and all that is required is your signature.

My party results.

Well it was great to be able to join in with Chooky even if it wasn't in person but I did get a lot done although it doesn't look like much here.

5 blocks made for this quilt.....Trick of the Card....lots to go but its nice to have it all cut out ready to stitch.

I put the silk ribbon on the centre block of Twilight Garden 

and finished the border stitchery

Just waiting for the backing fabric to arrive in the mail and then the quilting......

nearly there.......