Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chookshed Party...... my days work

My days work for the virtual  Chookshed Birthday Party....... 

Today I have finished cutting fabric for a quilt "Trick of Cards"

All sorted ready to sew tomorrow..... after a little house cleaning, very little that is.

Tonight's effort will  be to get the rest of "Twilight Garden" border embroidery done.

This is fun..... thanks Donna.

I'm such a good girl, no treats for me at the Chookshed party and you will see why below.....

Yesterday I visited my Liz (daughter) and we went to "The Nook" for brunch......
boy it was great too.
Mouth watering actually...... gosh my jeans were a bit tight when we got back home.

Gingerbread  Pancakes...... yummo.

Then today I had an interruption to my cutting ....Heather rang and said "pop over Mum" she lives next door,
so naturally I did and we had a fruit smoothie, Banana sandwich and coffee. 

So now you can understand why there aren't any sweetie treats for me..... I'm so naughty.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Are you joining Chooky ?

..... I am...... pop over to Chooky's blog here and you can join in the virtual fun and celebrate  the Chookshed's 2nd Birthday.... gosh it would be great to join her at the Chookshed but sewing at home and knowing others are doing the same will still be great.

Now all I have to do is buy some yummie goodies and choose something to sew and I will be ready to stitch.

I finally have the first block of "Libby's Mystery Quilt" complete so I'm off to a good start, its a BOM so progress will be slow.

Libby does such cute bears....... I just couldn't resist, even though I should have really.

I'm also making this lovely quilt called "Fleur" I have most of the blocks made up and I'm now onto the applique,  I have decided to do the blanket stitching by machine which is very very different for me as I always do it by hand...... not enjoying this method really but its a big quilt and I might never get it done as I have soooooo many other things to do...... I'm not getting any younger you know so little time and so many things to be done before I go to the quilting group in the sky lol....... just kiddin'...... I'm  not ready to go yet.

Hmmmmm I might even get some of this quilt done at Chooky's party this weekend..... 
 that's a big there's a good idea.

Ohhhhh my goodness another post Desley. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

This one is for you Desley

Yes Desley after you gave me a "hurry up" I'm here to do another post, Desley is a lovely blog stalker lol

I bought this kit on our last Tuesday Girls outing and it was a quick little project to make..... the pattern is by Joy Coey called Rubbish Please..... too nice for rubbish I think so I'm using mine to keep patterns in... it should have "Rubbish Please" embroidered on it.

I'm taking up Heather's (daughter) jeans here .... I know not really news worthy but I don't seem to have a lot to tell , getting desperate.

Our Corinne is off to Japan, its an exchange program  and you can see the other programs they organise here Jenesys 2.0

Here she is leaving to go to the airport yesterday.

Miss you already.....

I hope she has a terrific time and we are so proud of her and all she is achieving at USC.

Back soon with more news I hope.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lots of bits and pieces......

Progress on my Twilight Garden is a bit slow at the moment but hopefully it will be done soon...... I put the quilt top together but wasn't happy with it so a lot  of reverse sewing was done then I started the embroidery on the narrow border and ran out of thread so I got started again and then ran out of the other thread ...... nothing worse when you are so close to a finish.

I have also started "Teddy Bear Tea Party" quilt which has been in the cupboard for a long time so I will squeeze it in somewhere...... not sure where yet but there isn't a lot of work in it so it should fit in .... I hope.

I had a lovely Mother's Day with the family and I received lots of terrific gifts, naturally the eating part of the gifts didn't reach the photo stage..... mmmmmm very yummie too.

I entered a  Mother's Day competition on face book and I won..... how good was that ? 
it was on Suzanne Grae's face book and you had to enter a photo of you and your Mum.... my Mum isn't with me anymore but she did help me win this prize..... she would have been very happy about it too.

Our May meeting for the "Sunday Stitcher's" was another great day, here are our birthday girls.

Maria, Maree and Tatyana.

Our Tatyana is having a baby soon..... as if you hadn't guessed that by the last photo so it was a very special day for us all as she was presented with a lovely baby quilt made by the group.

Teresa made the Nappy Cake.

The happy Mum to be.

Love this label made by Jeanette.

and a terrific basket of baby goodies.

As usual we had a great day.

Our Tuesday group was very small this week..... just Norreen and me so while the cats are away we went to play...... in a coffee shop of course.

I really must post more often, getting a bit slack lately....... 
but that's it for now.

PS..... I have a confession too, I signed up for Libby Richardson's new Mystery BOM Quilt so photos will follow soon....... possibly.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I have finished the last block of you know what !!!!!!!

Yes yes I have finished all the blocks for the "Twilight Garden" quilt....... 

I only hope that I can take a better photo of the finished quilt as I'm finding it very difficult to show the beautiful fabrics but a miracle might happen one never knows.

Another Tuesday get together today and these beautiful King parrots came to visit us on the patio while we stitched...... gosh they are so lovely.

I hope you can see them on the B-B-Q  I didn't like to get any closer and frighten them away.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

There's nothing like a bit of crumpet in the morning !!!!!!!!!

You girls ..... I know just what you were thinking ..... very naughty but I did get your attention.....

My breaky..... crumpets and marmalade with a cup of tea.

and yes it is another "Twilight Garden" block with only 1 to go.......

Don't think I have told you before but this lovely quilt is designed by Maureen Latta from Candy Cats and what a terrific design it is too.... pop over to here and have a browse she has some lovely projects.

Well I should be doing some house cleaning today but I have a more important chore to do......

yep you guessed it...... finish the last block for this quilt.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

More Twilight Garden......

Yes I have finished 2 more blocks from "Twilight Garden"  only 2 to go woohooooo.

Unfortunately my photography hasn't improved but I'm in a hurry to get on with the rest and I don't have time to take more photos.....not that they would be any better but one can only hope I guess.

Well I'm off to stitch now...... it gets exciting when you can see the end in sight.