Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home alone..... Take 2......

Well I tried for another "Home Alone Day" on Sunday....... 
Music ..... Gav and Pippa have gone model plane flying so looking good at the moment.

Breakfast on the patio
                                                         Banana cake in the oven.  

Oooooops look who popped in for a chat.....June (g/daughter)...... but this time she didn't stay long and she thought it was very amusing to interrupt my alone day...... she lives next door to me so popping in is easy.

I did make it to afternoon tea  and was able to get a bit of sewing done during the day.

This quilt is from a Jelly Roll Book and called "Blossom Time", I'm very happy now its finished.

I started making this "Mai Crystal Ball Pin Cushion" last week and it was giving me lots of trouble but its done now and it will be the last one I do.... its cute but a bit of a pain to make.

Yesterday we visited Norreen in her new house for another fun day. We were a very small group again with a few girls away but Sandi and I made up for them with our giggling......  this is the house warming gift we gave Norreen for her new sewing room.

Thanks Sandi for this photo...... it took 6 hands to put my pin cushion together and I was just a little bit grumpy doing it...... I'm getting a bit of a reputation for silly photos.

I couldn't resist this photo of Corinne (g/daughter) in her feet warmers, she jumped into my sewing with them on and plopped on the floor so I think she should get a reputation like mine....... silly photo girl.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oozing enthusiasm and motivation......

Oh my gosh my mojo is back where it should be..... with me hooray...... I have made plans for my craft  "in my head of course"  much too complicated to tell you about but you will see them as they unfold.

The "To Do List" is about to get a shock...... me too I think.

This is "Blossom Time" while I was quilting but I have finished that part now and the binding will be on this afternoon.

 I have moved on with "Twilight Garden" not before time I might add..... another 4 blocks.
Picture quality is a bit off but I don't have time to mess about.... things to do.....

I have completed the large centre block and 8 of the other blocks so only 10 to go..... keep posted as I aim to make good progress with this lovely quilt.

Well enough chatter from me as I'm on a mission at the moment..... off to the sewing machine to get that binding done.

                                    I hope you are having a great sewing day too.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Home alone !!!!!....... but for how long I ask ?

There's nothing like having time at home on my  own..... dog, hubbie and son have gone model flying so the day is mine......

Bright flowers to enjoy and remember my Mum's birthday  yesterday..... she so loved bright flowers.

                                      Great music in the background

                   Apples stewing on the stove for a cake later in the day.

And now for my breakie.... cinnamon toast and English Breakfast tea in my favourite china.

All alone woohooooo

I will be going back to my quilting soon and hopefully I will get heaps done.

                                            But ...... oh no not happening.....

June (g/daughter) just arrived from next door for a little visit ..... how quickly my "alone" day has now gone...... so June helped me make the Apple cake and we had a terrific time laughing and chatting ..... it was fun I must say.

Then Mel (daughter-in-law) just arrived ...... so coffee and more chatting which was also very enjoyable, she brought yummie goodies to eat too.

Oh my here comes Pippa (dog).... Gav and Rob (son)  back from model flying, too windy they said ...... 
well of course that means more coffee,eating and chatting...... a great day really but not the kind I had in mind.

 Not much cake left but I'm sure a piece will be nice with a cappuccino this afternoon.                               

No quilting at this point but it will wait for tomorrow.

Well that's my day in a nutshell...... a good day planned and then it turned into a great family day so I'm happy.

              I hope you have enjoyed your day and did lots of stitching.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

A bit of this and that

Another "Fernhill" block done ..... its great to know the end is in sight.

I'm still working on "Twilight Garden" slowly but I will get there.

What does one do now ......... I did the pinning on this quilt today but now I have to decide how to quilt it, I hate this part as I'm not really a great quilter so trying to think of something simple but nicer than just ditch stitching.

Here is our very brave "Pippa" ..... nasty weather is on its way and she is hiding under the quilt table...... so funny really.

Our Tuesday group celebrated  Laurel's birthday..... she is on  holiday for 5 weeks overseas (tough job but someone has to do it)  as I write this so I do hope she is enjoying her time away.

                                                                         Pressie opening

My gift for Laurel was the heat bag from "A Gardener's Journal" book.

                                  Well I'm off to watch the footy and get a bit more stitching done.