Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still trying to get caught up with my blogging.....

Late posting as usual...... this was the 16th of April.

Yes these piccies can only mean one thing........

Norreen's  Birthday (a Tuesday girl)

 so of course we celebrated with cake
they were very yummie too.

Pressie opening

Come on Norreen blow harder......

Not another one of those tags...... you must be a truly really friend now.

Another terrific day with the girls.

I do have some craft to show

"Fernhill" BOM 

Slow going but I am getting there.

We had our tickets for a great afternoon of entertainment for last Sunday at the QPAC theatre to see Operamania but alas it wasn't to be, Sunday morning I woke and couldn't get out of bed...... back pain so bad, couldn't sit upright so Corinne and Kenny are smiling with our tickets in their hands. 

They did enjoy the show so that was good , they haven't been to an opera before so it was something different for them.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


                                                     LEST WE FORGET

Monday, April 22, 2013

So proud of this young man

Here is our grandson....Jake...... AFL is such a big part of his life and I went to watch him play on Saturday.... he is playing in the Sherwood seniors  but he is only 16yrs oldwhich is quite an achievement, I don't know a lot about AFL but I'm learning....... I just found out about an article on the Official AFL website about this young man..... he must be so happy as we are and his parents will be over the moon.

go here for the article

Awards night at school last year.

Clayton is his younger brother and he is a mighty player as well so look out for these 2 boys in years to come...... I think they take after their Nan don't you ?

                                          Go Jake..... you are an awesome young man.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog post overload...... sorry

If I get any further behind in my posting I will meet myself coming the other way and I do have lots of good news to report...... well I think it is so that's all that matters I guess.......

We have had a very full time over the past couple of weeks.......
Firstly Kenny's ( Kazune ) parents .... Hiroko (Mum) and Norio ( Dad) came to Australia for Kenny's Graduation at the University of  Sunshine Coast, we were so fortunate to meet them when they came to our home for good old Aussie meal.... Pop's (Gavan) homemade meat pies and vegetables  followed by cheesecake and trifle. They are such lovely people and we all seemed to get along very well even though language got a bit muddled up now and then we still managed to understand each other quite ok.

Thank you both for a wonderful visit and hopefully we will be able to do it again one day in the future.

Hiroko and Norio gave me this wonderful little doll display .... its so gorgeous and I have it proudly on display in my china cabinet.

                              The glass gives you an idea of the size of these dolls.

                                       Norio and Kenny playing with the lawn mower.

I made  Hiroko a Friendship tag and this is the photo she sent to Kenny showing it hanging on the wall.

                                    Our next big event was Corinne's 21st Birthday
                            Here she is at 2 yrs old..... my goodness how she has grown.

Same little girl now 21....... Corinne is a lovely young woman, we are so proud of her.

                                                     Party time.....pinata smashing.

 Jumping castle time..... Heather (Mum) and daughters Corinne and June having a great time together.

My girls Liz and Heather playing together

Our pressie for Corinne, something she will keep for a long time, her birth stone is Diamond so what else would we buy for her.

Gavan took a few photos of me on the jumping castle but they aren't very good ......this is  proof  I did act like a kid again, first time on one of these..... not bad for an old girl.

                                            Clayton g/son jumping with me.

                                            I think everyone had a great night.

Now for a little craft update not that much has been happening in that area this is another block of the Lynette Anderson's "Fernhill" button club quilt.

One of our "Friends in Stitching" girls had a birthday and it was my turn to make the gift.

                                                      It was  Dzintra's big day.

In the gift we had to use 1 of 3 sayings that were given to us earlier and this is the one I used also we needed to add buttons to the project.

JoJo is Dzintra's daughter and I thought it might be nice for her to get a little gift as well.

"Its time for Christmas" BOM from the Homespun magazine, most of our Tuesday girls are doing this as a project together which makes it more fun.

Well I do have more to tell but I think that might be enough for today, its making me tired just getting all this on the blog...... so bye for now and happy stitching everyone.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Forgetful posting and a catch up

I'm so late with my posting but better late than never I guess.
My g/son Clayton had his 13th Birthday on the 29th March so naturally we went to see him to enjoy his family celebration.
Here is Clayton with his Mum (our Liz)......its a very unusual photo as Liz is normally messing about but it was Clayton who messed around this time.
We had a really fabulous meal and I would love to tell you what it was but I have forgotten what Liz called it, chicken with roast pumpkin salad is fairly close....... she is a great cook, not sure where she gets that from to be honest.
I also forgot to put this photo on as well, Teresa gave me this lovely gift from her "Lets Get Stitched" holiday in SA, thanks so much Teresa.
Didn't forget this part of the post though, our online group "Friends in Stitching" had a Natalie Bird themed swap and Dawnie sent this gift to me.
A lovely table runner, love the fabrics and she put so much work into it too.

                                              Its great...... Thank you Dawnie.

Fiona was my other partner and this is what I sent her.
A wall hanging by Natalie Bird called "Stitchers Priority" I think I might have to make one for myself.

Of course I had to put in one of my famous "Friendship Tags"
Now the worst thing that can happen to a stitcher....... yep I broke my glasses, I have been to the optometrist and new ones will be coming soon but I'm trying to use my old pair and the broken pair but I'm getting a headache ...... yes I know I should stop but there is just so much to do and its my relaxation so I won't be stopping any time soon that's for sure.
Sadly for all of you  there will be more Tassie photos to come sometime soon.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

An early birthday celebration for our Tuesday girls.

Sandi is our birthday girl.....
 Friday is the real day  but we celebrated today at our little get together.
Of course present opening is the first thing to be done.
Lovely gifts form Laurel, cute little plate and notebook.
Norreen ( giggling in the background)  gave Sandi a beautiful teapot on this gorgeous stand and a "Tag" she has so wanted a tag as so many people have them......  Norreen is so funny playing this joke.
Here is the real Tag.
We now have a  happy girl with her very own "Friendship Tag" and choccies.... from me.
Candles to blow out of course and there was birthday singing but its lucky you can't hear that.
Laurel made the birthday cake a Victorian Sponge and lovely fresh Scones..... yummo
                       The plate was so nice that Sandi decided to use it and share her choccies.

Another lovely day thank you girls, lots of laughing.... eating and more laughing.