Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another fun day out with the girls and a little craft.

                   Quilts 1700-1945

We had a little outing last Tuesday to the Queensland Art Gallery to the the most wonderful quilt display.... if you get the chance to go and see them you won't be disappointed they are truly amazing.

               Sorry girls I know its a terrible photo but it was the only one I took of our trip. 

               We always manage to squeeze in  a treat and coffee ...... it was yummie too.

Laurel has just returned from an overseas trip and she gave us all a pressie...... a very cute thimble and tissues from Austria.... doily from the Netherlands......lovely.

"It's Time for Christmas" BOM from the Homespun magazine, we are doing this one together and hopefully it will be finished for Christmas...... well that's what we are hoping.

"Figgy Pudding" quilt, pattern by Moda ......

Not sure how to quilt this one yet ....

        I'm working on my long "to do list" at the moment ...... I will have more to show soon..... I hope.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Retreat at Warwick ... Part 2

These are the last of my piccies for our retreat......
Christmas in July Dinner made be Maree and desert by Lynda....
Silly women taking piccies of each other doing the much fun really.

                               One must dress up for Christmas.

                                Boy oh boy it was yummie.....

                                 A walk through the gardens, so relaxing.....

Now these are lollie teeth and you really had to be there I guess to see the funny side of this, those teeth were turning up in the strangest  places.

House and craft shop

 The girls are strolling along admiring some lovely bird houses.... naturally they are going to the craft shop.

  Morning tea at Bryson's cafe and gift shop.......did we buy anything you ask..... well naturally.
                                                 Teresa, Sandi, Marilyn and De.

                             Lemon Meringue Pie........ great.

                            Some of my purchases at the lovely cafe.

I made this "Berrybranch Wool Tote" by "The Birdhouse" its very cute and will get a lot of use.
Doesn't look like much for 3 days work I know but my other sewing was secret stuff and I can't show it just yet.

Chooky made a surprise visit which was lovely.

What a fantastic group of girls and I had the most wonderful time with them..... lots of eating, chatting, sewing and of course lots of laughing..... Thank you so much ladies for a great time and I'm so looking forward to next year.

Maree, Teresa, Marilyn, De, Sandi, me, Lynda, Cheryl and Alison in the front..... if you pop over to their blogs you are sure to find more great photos.

Since I got home I have finished my "Fernhill" wall hanging by Lynette Anderson and I'm so pleased with it, leaving the space on the lounge room wall was a great incentive to get it done.

Well I think that's about it for the time being so I should get back to my stitching and have a cuppa as well.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Warwick retreat .... part 1

Our trip to Warwick was uneventful except that we were way too early but that doesn't matter to us so off to a lovely shop "Brysons" for coffee and  raisin toast....... what a great cafe as you can see and yes we did spend a little there.

Then off to Glenrose for our retreat..... on arrival we were greeted with yummie scones and a cuppa.

Our lovely cabin

                                    Testing the beds and checking it all out.

       Pressies from our cabin buddie Sandi.... ear plugs ( just in case someone snores )and almonds.

Best cabin buddies anyone can have Teresa, Sandi... Thank you girls.

I'm a bit late with my blogging as usual so I won't overload you but I will be back again with more of our trip.