Monday, January 30, 2012

Bit of this and that

Not another "Country Keepsake" doll by Annie Smith...... yes it is, please meet "Sugar Plum" and of course she is as cute as her name.... I love making these dolls... as if you hadn't guessed that already. Thats an OPAM too, first finish for this year..... I have been doing lots but ongoing projects that will take a while to finish.

I thought I would pop in a small project amongst the larger ones as I need a new needle case so that makes it even better.

More shopping too, this is for a very simple table topper.

Saturday dolly girls working hard, don't they look serious.... well just in this photo. We are all making a simple quilt "Floral Dreams" by Quilters Barn bit of a change from dolls and a learning quilt for a couple of ladies.

                                    Love the fabric for this one.

Last but not least..... last Tuesday we had these 2 lovely ladies from our FIS group visit us for a bit of stitching... I have known both ladies for some years online so it was great to meet in person and it was just as though we had been together for years and years.....we  managed to get in a little bit of stitching between all the chatting and laughing.

                    De from QLD.. Vicki from Tassie.. me..Tereasa .. Teresa.

                    Thank you ladies for making our day so enjoyable.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Proud memories of being an Aussie overseas.

Happy Australia Day to Aussies everywhere.
I hope you have had a terrific day.

This day has brought back memories of being a proud Aussie overseas.....
June 2008 I was very fortunate to be at the World Choir Games in Austria with my g/daughter...Corinne and my daughter ... Heather, marching in the streets of Graz proudly waving our Aussie flags and of course shouting.......

Aussie Aussie Aussie.... OI...OI... OI  

                                It was great to see this Kangaroo cafe too.

Waiting for the medal presentations, hoping our girls are rewarded for all their hard work.

The girls are in the front  (wearing white tops) it was also being broadcast on television in Austria.

Our choir "Cantabile" won 3 gold medals so they did Australia very proud.

         Corinne (the little girl in the centre) with a few friends, we had a fantastic time.

 A once in a life time chance that I will never forget and  to enjoy it with my daughter and g/daughter was very special.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I have been busy crafting but not a lot to show at the moment.
Here is block 3 of my Earl Grey Moment quilt by "Faeires in My Garden" so all is going to plan with this so far, Jenny is keeping me on track.

This has been slow going but trying to make some headway with it now, "Twilight Garden"  from Faeries in My Garden again but this design is by Maureen Latta, love these fabrics, this is a wallhanging.

                                          Centre panel

                                      There are 20 of these little crazy patch blocks.

I had a shocking senior moment last week which is why I can't show what I've been working on ..... don't you just hate it when you make terrible mistakes..... there I was cutting happily away and then it hit me, I'm supposed to be fussy cutting the borders and didn't so had to buy more fabric..... grrrrrr stupid.

So hopefully I will get back to that later.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

First post for the New Year

My first post for the New Year is a Birthday Wish for my big brother Tom ..... here he is when we were young doing the "big brother" thing..... I didn't like Santa very much so he made sure I didn't miss out on telling the big guy what I wanted for Christmas. 
                                  Love to you and I hope you have had a great day.

Well I'm doing my first bit of sewing for this year too and can't wait to get all my new plans into action, I'm sorry for keeping everyones mojo last year but alas I still seem to have it so off  I go while the mojo's hot.