Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog meet and a bit of craft......

It was another great day with the girls of "Stitcher's Inc" blog group and as usual lots of chatting, eating and laughing...... of course there was also show and tell....... its lovely to see everyone's  projects up close and personal.

                                     Sandi's showing her cute little table mats.

                                         Noela with her lovely bag.

                             De with her bag and I think its a finish for Chooky's stitch-a-long

Susan with her bag .... bags seem to be very  popular with the girls.

                                  Tatyana has made the cutest little bunny and bag.

I had to get a close up of her pin cushion..... lovely Tatyana.

                            Lynda and Noela with their Stitch-a-long projects too.

and here is my show and tell, I have been making this pin cushion for a longggggggg time so it was good to get it finished.

Thank you Susan for this very glamorous photo..... just another silly me piccie.

Its a project by Anni Downs called "Joy of a Garden" from a Homespun magazine.

                              It certainly is a big pin cushion but I love it.

Tuesday we were a very little group of 3 but you can see in these photos that a lot of work was done.


                                          Yes I was there finishing my "Fernhill" block.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day 

These bright yellow flowers were my Mum's favourite so I couldn't let this day go by without them in my home..... they just have something that makes me smile.

I spent the morning with Liz and her family at a "Breast Cancer Breakfast" at the boys Sherwood AFL club and I also got to see Clayton play as well...... a special day with family and all money raised went to Cancer research.

Don't  you love Clayton's pink hair ? There is nothing like a big breakfast to start the day especially for growing boys...... they were enjoying it too.

Oooops forgot to take this piccie before I started, it was so yummie.

 All the Mum's made a guard of honour  for the boys to run past which was great for the Mum's and the boys.

Love the pink socks....... I bought some cupcakes at the cake stall so I will enjoy them later today.

                              I hope that they raised lots of money for this terrific cause.

 On the craft front I have caught up with the "Its time for Christmas" BOM in the Homespun magazine which I'm doing with my Tuesday group.

                                                            Block 2

                                                                 Block 3

                          Now I'm off to have a cuppa and maybe a cupcake or 2....... who knows.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

How embarrassing is this ???????

 I was doing the usual grocery shopping and looked down at my hand to find this ..........

my little car key ring decoration with its stuffing hanging out and all the stitching coming apart so I quickly gathered it up and put it in my handbag....... how embarrassing for a crafty girl.

 Of course you can guess what happened when I got home ........ the old with the new.....

                                    I can now hold my head up high when shopping.

Last Friday I was lucky to be able to attend another Grandparents day with my Grandsons at their school.
Jake is in year 12 and Clayton year 8 so I got to enjoy a class with both of them, its such a wonderful thing to participate in, I even got to join in drawing in the art class with Clayton and to be served coffee and lunch by the boys....... sadly I didn't get any photos of the day but before we went there I couldn't resist taking a photo of Jake's lunch bag..... its so cute, he is a bit of a character and loves his little lunch bag...... even if he is 16yrs old.

On the stitching front I have this pin cushion project that I'm doing with Tereasa but it is taking us a longggg time to finish but the end is in sight. 

I also made this small wall  hanging which has been waiting to be done for quite a long time. Tereasa gave me the hanger ..... Laurel gave me the Norfolk Island painted panel and I was lucky to go there last year so this has a lot of sentimental meaning.

3 more blocks of Lynette Anderson's "Crazy Christmas" quilt are done so I am getting there slowly.

Well that's it for today..... I'm off to do some more stitching.