Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not behind again or is that as usual !!!!!!

Our Sunday Stitchers had a Mini Quilt swap and I was lucky enough to have De make for me....

What a great quilt it is too, its happily on my frame and in my sewing room...... 
thank you so much De.

I was making for Maree and I'm so glad that she liked my little quilt.

This was a great swap...... I love mini quilts.

Hopefully another post very very soon.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday with the girls

I just love Tuesdays.....stitching and laughing with friends.

We have been enjoying a shared lunch together lately.

Morning tea from Teresa

Dessert from Sandi

I made Vegie bake and Nor brought cheese and biscuits but I forgot to take a photo of those.
Too much eating and not enough stitching 
I think........but we had fun as usual.

It was also my daughter ...Heather's birthday but we will get together on the weekend.


Its hard to believe how the girls have grown since this photo was taken.....
June is now taller than her Mum and Corinne.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mt Gravatt 100th Show

The Mt. Gravatt Show had their 100th year celebration this year.
 I  entered my "Mystery Quilt" designed by Libby Richardson and
I was lucky to get second place in my section.....
Really pleased with that as there were so many lovely quilts.

Teresa entered a small quilt and received a "Highly Commended" which was great.
She did enter another one of her lovely quilts but I didn't get a photo of it.....oops

I think I will call her quilt "Singing in the Rain" just because I can and I'm sure she won't mind.

My favourite was this Christmas Quilt.

Oooo look at that .... my quilt has legs...... lol

This won Best in Show

More quilts that I liked.

This won first place in my section.
It was huge too..... I couldn't get it all in the photo.

I'll finish this post with a photo of my grandson Thomas.... he will turn 14 next month.
we very rarely get to see him so its great to get a photo from time to time.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday get together

What a great day we had at the "Full Moon" hotel with all the girls enjoying a visit with
 Holly from Canada.

Holly....Alison..... Michelle and Lynette.

Special visitors Lynette Anderson and Chookyblue.....
how good was that.

 from Lynette a terrific fabric pack from her new range. 
Chooky gave us all some of her beautiful cards.

Michelle had her new book there for us to look at or buy which was terrific.

Of course I had to have you do.

 This is the beautiful quilt that is featured in her first book.

"A Holly Cottage Christmas"

Lunch of course.

Norreen.... me.... Michelle

Lynette's great selfie with all the ladies......

Gosh it was a super day with much chatter and heaps of laughter.

Holly and Susan

Thanks to Susan for organising such a fun time.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tuesday's fun and games.......and other bits

Our Tuesday get together was sooooo much fun last week......
we had a visitor, Sandi's grandsons and her daughter Elle ....... 

Hudson with his new baby brother and his Mum.

Hudson looks so innocent in this photo but looks can be deceiving, he led me astray....

Boy we had fun.... Huddie and me, shooting each other and anyone who got in our way....
running around Sandi's house.... I had a ball.

I might give up stitching with the girls and just join Hudson, he is heaps more fun.

Lunch was great today, we all brought a plate with something yummie to eat.

I did stitch...... not much though.
I had to finish my ornie today...... so naughty .

 On Monday Norreen and Sandi joined me for a little shopping.... 
no not craft things but for clothes, so sick of my wardrobe but alas I only bought 1 top.

Morning tea of course.

Shopping and then lunch.

Thanks for coming with me girls..... another fun outing.

Thursday Mel (daughter-in-law) came for her first lesson in quilting....
naturally cutting and sewing straight were first on the list.
She is very keen and has fabric for her first quilt all ready but something small to begin with....

Not sure what it will be yet..... 
possibly a table runner or a doll quilt for her g/daughter Jordan.

Mel won't have any trouble I'm sure as she is an excellent student and is very fussy to get it just right.

Now for a catch up on my sewing......

More progress on my felt train.

Block 2  of  "Love Among the Roses" quilt.

Block 3

Block 2 of "A Little Bit Country"

All in readiness for Sunday Stitchers tomorrow.
I'll be working on block 3.

That's it for me today....... I'm off to do a bit more on the train.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Retreat pressies and shopping

What a lovely surprise these gifts were......
even when I'm only there in spirit  I still get  pressies.
Thank you Cheryl and Hubby for my cotton holder ( not sure what to call it really)
it will be a very handy gadget.

Thank you to Sandi and Teresa for this gift too.

Very pretty fabric, cute button and scissors....
Love the cute tin as well.

My Warwick shopping..... I did give the girls a list and money of course.
This must be the best retreat that I didn't go to..... that doesnt' make a lot of sense does it ?

gosh I have been very lucky....

Thank you Sandi, Teresa and Cheryl.

I am working on my felt ornies but progress is very slow.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Apparently I had a good time........

Last week was our Warwick retreat but I wasn't able to go this time.....awwwwwww.

Apparently I did have a great time though......

How you ask ? ........     well just take a look at these photos....

Now these photos are in no particular order as I was having sooooo much fun that I can't remember what day I did what........

Obviously I was being strangled and laughed at but Cheryl was very nice showing me the menu....

I was lucky enough to model Maree's beautiful scarf.
I did get a bit of stitching done and shopping.

I also did a bit of modeling in the garden.... it was a warm day.
 I think I am quite beautiful really.

Love sharing my bed with these little girlies.
Of course one needs to shower....

Eeeeeeek not the cat.....
Chocolate .... yummo.
At last a bit of quiet time..... these girls have been driving me nuts.....

Last but not least..... I was so excited when I received......

a "Postcard from Paris" Warwick....

Thank you Teresa..... 
I never thought that your quilt would give us sooooo much fun.

Thanks so much for all the fun ladies....
Teresa, Sandi, Maree, Cheryl, Lynda, Alison, De and Marilyn.

Well as you now know I didn't go on retreat but I did join Norreen and Tereasa (Tess) on Tuesday for a bit of stitching.
So we had to have a bit of fun and laughter seeing Sandi and Teresa were on retreat.

High Tea at Norreen's...... for old farts of course...... lol


I didn't get much stitching done as you can see.

Tereasa and me.

There's nothing like a game of twister to finish off our day.....
it took us a long time to get off the ground as you can imagine.

Norreen's hubby took the photo.....
 I think he was laughing so much its a bit blurry.

Gavan and I popped out for a coffee and cake..... anything the girls can do I can too.

The only photo I have from our Sunday Stitchers ( a week ago) is......
a  BUTT  photo......
 they wouldn't let me see the birthday girl... Cheryl.

I have been making good progress on my felt Christmas Train.

On Saturday  Corinne and I went to visit Heather, Sylvio, Bianca and Alex..... I was going to do a bit of shopping for clothes but I came home with a pair of dopey is that ?
So I still need to go shopping as I need a change of wardrobe..... or at least I think I do.

Naturally coffee and pancakes hit the spot ....
mind you they weren't as good as they look but we did have a lovely day.

Well that's it for today......