Monday, January 27, 2014

FNSI but that darn tennis !!!!!!

Well I did expect do get a lot more done but that darn Tennis interrupted me far tooooooo much but I guess some quilt pinning was better than none, I decided to start early in the afternoon hoping to get it all done but alas that wasn't to be.

I did get some of this needle turn done though but not much of that either as I had to keep looking up and down between games. 

Never mind I did get the quilt pinned and have now started quilting so all is going well now.

I'm off to see what other ladies got up to in their night of stitching.... you too can check if you pop over to Wendy's blog.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Lovely catch up with friends.

What a terrific way to spend the day, meeting with friends and enjoying lots of laughing, eating and heaps more laughing. Thanks so much girls for such a fun day and the food was yummie too but I forgot to take a piccie.

Me, Lynda, Sandi, Diann and Teresa.

It was so nice to receive my blog book last week so I spent quite sometime browsing through the pages.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nearly forgot FNSI

Gosh how silly am I .... no don't answer that question ....... I had a day out with my daughter today and nearly forgot about  tonights stitch in.....  if you pop over to Wendy's blog you might just be able to join in the fun. Well I'm off to get my sewing started so I'll be back tomorrow to show what I got up to ..... heaps I hope.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A newsy catchup

No blogging going on here but I have been sewing even though I have little motivation at the moment, I will get these blocks together soon as its been under construction for some time.

Spider Quilt

I've done a bit of online shopping..... not as a reward for all my sewing as that would be a stretch of the imagination...... just because....... I love this little bag as its only big enough for a phone, tissues and money for those times when you don't want to carry a handbag.

Yes another purchase for me...... ummmahhhh very naughty but I am having fun with my tablet.

I needed a coffee break as all this techno stuff is doing my head in........

This is history repeating itself...... I made this quilt "Christmas Belles" in 2008  then decided to sell it and my friends said " You will be sorry you know" and as much as I hate to admit it they were right, its the only quilt I have ever sold and it will be the last.  I've made a plan of action so it will be finished for Christmas this year..... Sandi, Tereasa and Norreen are joining in with me this time so I look forward to seeing the same quilt in different fabrics.

I'm using fabric from my stash as I did the first time so there isn't any fabric buying to be done, I'm also trying to keep the fabrics as close or the same as the first one.

That's my lot for the moment and hopefully I will have more to show next time .......

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Big Brother

 Special Birthday Wishes to my "Big Brother" Tom on your 78th Birthday, I hope you have had a good day.