Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the posts keep coming .......

These cute packages of "My Garden" BOM by Lynette Anderson were waiting for us on Tuesday at our favourite little craft shop "Homespun and Beautiful" ....  Tereasa did a lovely job displaying them for us, with a sample already to see .... I can't wait to begin..... just what I need another monthly project but can there ever be tooooo many BOM's .... nah I don't think so lol ..... this one is too good to miss out on, if you want to join in then I'm sure Tereasa has a few spots left so pop on over and join in the fun.

This block is called "Framed Friendship Star"

Colorado Star

 I belong to an online group "Friends in Stitching" and these blocks are a monthly project we are all doing together, its very interesting to see the different colours and fabrics being used by all the girls.

These are all my blocks so far and I'm very happy with the way they are coming along.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First OPAM for June.....

I joined "Kelly's Sew-along" to make this great bag set and I must say I'm having a fun time with them.

Toiletries pouch.

and the set so far....

changed the pockets a bit to suit my needs.

still more to come .... so stay tuned.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A challenge for me...... from me.....

Hopefully setting this personal challenge will make sure I get back on track.... probably setting the bar too high but whats the point if its too easy. This belongs to the "Gift of the Month" projects from  "Faeries in my Garden" from last year.... not going to admit how far I am behind with those only to say that I'm doing my best to catch up... this one I am doing with friends in my craft group, I have also signed up for this and those projects are arriving now so can't start them till I catch up with last years..... they are great projects and I really love them.

 "Breast of Friends" quilt from the Homespun magazine and yes I have had this since the mags came out so now its time to get going.

Last block of the "Girls Day Out" quilt by Libby Richardson, I have been doing this with craft friends also but almost finished..... woohoo

"Gardeners Journal" quilt that I'm doing with the "Stitch-a-long" group,  block 3 drawn up and ready to go.

Another "Gift of the Month" project and I'm doing these with Teresa .... we both belong to this and would like to complete these for christmas this year.

And last but not least my "Blossom Lane" quilt another project from "Faeries in my Garden" its a BOM that I signed up for last year but not started till this year, this is block 3 ready to go.
I'm trying to do all these projects each month..... its  a lot but I am up for it .... I think.... anyway I certainly will give it my best shot so wish me luck and keep checking back here to see my progress.
Oh yes.... I would also like to slip the odd OPAM in as well as none of the above are monthly finishes.... wow I'm exhausted just reading this.... well its off to the sewing room for me with my cuppa tea.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The good ol' days..... and more.....

I had a lovely surprise last week.... Jenny rang to say she was coming down to Brisbane and would visit me for the weekend.... what is it when old friends get together, its just as though she had never moved to Bundy... we always stitched together on a sunday when she lived just around the corner from me. As you can see in these piccies we had breakfast at a local cafe and it was a big brekky.

My breakfast above.

Then of course stitching, coffee and scones, lots of stitching actually as she arrived Saturday and went home Monday,  thank you Jenny for a great weekend.

Block 2 of my "Faeries in the Garden"  BOM.... Blossom Lane, I'm enjoying this very much.

And last but not least a piccie of  Tereasa ....... showing her Gardeners Journal block for the Stitch-a-long and she is amazingly ahead of schedule...... why would I take a photo of this you ask.... well she is always behind so naturally this needed to be recorded in case we don't see it again, what else are friends for ...hehehehe.