Friday, February 28, 2014

Where did tomorrow go ??????

Who knows ..... I don't that's for sure but I'm here now to finish off my retreat photos...... 

                           Tucker time....

We had a little baby shower for the lovely Tatyana..... Mum-to-be......

A trip to Bryson's for coffee and cake ...... we are so naughty but its become a part of our get away.

We are not sure what was going on with Tereasa but she was almost running out of fingers....... band aids on both hands..... cutting herself to pieces.

Here she is walking in the secret garden.

We had a visitor too...... Fiona  and it was great to see her and I'm sure she loved her trip to Bryson's.

                                                            Fiona and Michelle.

Fiona surprised us with a game for us to play that evening, lovely pressies she made too.

This is the pressie I won...... very cute don't you think..... Thanks so much Fiona we had lots of laughs.

A few little purchases for me...... more things to make.....

Yes I did do some sewing but I can't show you as its secret swap stuff....... I also got a lot of my table runner done but forgot to take a photo but its nearly finished so you will just have to wait to see it later.

Well here we are ready to go home..... sadly..... but I think the happy faces say it all really.....
Thanks for all the fun girls..... loved it as usual and can't wait till next time.

from the back.... Michelle, Tatyana, Sandi, Jenny, Jen, Norreen, Teresa, me and Tereasa.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finally a post from our Warwick retreat.... Part 1

This is such a beautiful place to have our retreat..... relaxing  and it doesn't take us long to settle in.

On arrival we have a lovely morning tea all ready for us..... yummo.

Jenny and I shared this cabin ...... Rose cabin..... so delightful.

We were very lucky to have received these goodies from Michelle...... it was her first time with us.

Michelle was also looking for homes for some of her teddies and this little fellow came home with me.

Sandi gave us this pretty bag and goodies.

Thank you girls .... it was such a lovely surprise to be given pressies.

I'll pop back tomorrow and bore you with more piccies.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stitches and retreat packing

It was great to catch up with the Sunday Stitchers today, it was our first get together for 2014...... as usual I didn't take any photos but I did steal this one from Sandi..... some of the girls are doing a paper bag/ row by row swap and this is their first row with a floral theme, it will be interesting to see the end results.

I'm off with the Tuesday girls to a retreat in Warwick at Glenrose Patchwork tomorrow so I have my goodies ready....... zucchini slice

naughty goodies...... of course......

and my sewing.......

Its going to be a great time full of laughter ..... eating.....and  maybe a little sewing.... you just never know with these girls...... see you all when I get back with lots of newsy stuff.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Meeting friends and sewing......

What a terrific day we had with Vicki and Glenn last Friday when they came to Brisbane for a short break............... I guess we could call it a  "FIS "get together with a couple of hubbies thrown in.

from the left...Sandi, De, Greg, Glenn, Gavan, me and Vicki ohhhh my goodness how spookie is that all the men's names begin with "G" 

We met at a lovely cafe called "The Nook" and enjoyed yummie food..... this was my lunch

                                                             Vicki's meal.

I'm enjoying this social butterfly stuff.....

Well look at that..... a couple of heads showed up too..... you had to be there, trust me.

Now for some sewing ...... this little bag is so cute but a bit of a pain to make.... fiddly actually but I'm happy with the finish......its a Mariko Japan pattern called  "Mini Ami"

Love this Birdhouse pattern ...."My Heart Sings".... looks great in my sewing room.

Last but not least I have finished my Spider Web Quilt, its been a long time coming.... the colour isn't showing up very well, the plain fabric is a very very soft delicate pink.

                                                                    Label of course.

               Its so nice to get a few finishes to start the year off......