Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More of the Ugly Fabric Challenge and an Outing.

I explained in my last post about this fun swap with the "Friends in Stitching"

Peg was my partner and this is the ugly fabric she sent me ...... 
at first I just looked at it thinking, holy cow what ever am I going to do with this and then an idea came

Thinking about the theme of this fabric obviously gardening came to mind, unfortunately I'm not gifted in the drawing area so my "Gardeners Journal" quilt by Annie Downs was the place to look for more ideas.

so I messed  and stressed around until I came up with this mini quilt.....
I wanted to make a garden called "Peg's Patch"
I must say that I was very pleased with the outcome and I don't think the fabric is as ugly as it was.

The pea pods are on felt so it gives a 3D look and the ones in the basket are loose.
Peg seemed to be quite happy with her mini so that made it all worth while.
Thanks for a fun swap Peg.

On Thursday I decided to go to the "Quilters's and Embroiderers Store"..... as you do.... so I rang the girls to see if anyone wanted to come with me and of course they don't take much coaxing..... that led to lunch too, surprise surprise......
Naturally there are photos to follow.

We were so surprised on entering the shop that the lovely lady there .... Megan .... turned out to be a blog stalker and knew us as soon as she saw us.

Lunch was very nice at the "Beach House" 

It doesn't matter where we go..... naughtiness is always nearby...

Sandi and Teresa had this very yummie dessert ... I was toooo full after the main meal.

Teresa is just wondering how on earth she is going to fit this in but they both did very well.

Thanks girls for another fun day.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

FIS Ugly Fabric Challenge

 Our online "Friends in Stitching" group enjoyed another swap, we had to send our ugliest piece of fabric from our stash to our partner and then she was to make our ugly fabric into a beautiful 12" mini quilt.

Peg was my partner and this is the ugly I sent her.....

"Ugly Fabric Challenge"

So Peg worked her magic and turned it into this lovely mini quilt,  its now proudly displayed in my sewing room.

Of course being a funny girl she also made me a mug rug..... which I sooooo needed LOL....

Not only did I get my ugly back but she wrapped my gifts in another ugly fabric, how thoughtful was that I ask ?

you are such a naughty girl Peg..... thanks so much for my terrific mini and joining me in the fun, there were choccies  as well  but they didn't make the photo stage....... oooowa.... yummie

Now what to do with this ugly ....... hmmmmmm thinking cap on already.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

EKKA 2014

Opening of the 2014 EKKA

QLD Mounted Police Unit......

Heather is riding Jigsaw, second horse from the right ..... biggest horse smallest rider.

Tuesday found Norreen and me off to the QLD EKKA  for a bit of fun.....

so where would crafty people go first, to see the quilts of course.
This one didn't win a prize but I loved it..... wonderful hexies.

This one won first in its section.

There might be something wrong with me...... no comments please..... I really liked this quilt which is odd as its not normally what I would go for but I found it very interesting and loved the way the colours were used.

Then off to see the cakes ..... wow they were so wonderful.

the Chalet won Grand Champion  and by a bloke too, my photo is from the back unfortunately as there was a lot more detail on the front but you get the idea.

These flowers were fantastic too.

We had to have a bit of a rest as our little tootsies were getting very tired.

Now for the main reason I went to the show....

to see the Mounted Police Officers of which Heather is one of them.....

so very exciting.

Here she is riding Idle..... a very large horse.

Then .... eating of course.... yummo Strawberry ice creams.

How on earth did I end up here in the cat area you ask...... well that's Norreen's fault.....

Holy cow get me out of here  eeeeeeek

It gets very chilly in QLD you know so the trees needed a nice woollen jumper.
no cold trunks here..... sorry,  bit of a joke for you.

Looking a bit worse for wear here and hugging our show bags waiting for the train to go home.

We did have a very good day and I think we will do it again next year.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Busy day today.....

I was very busy today but not a lot worth taking piccies of.....

house cleaning and washing were the order of the day but I did get Block 3 of Libby's Mystery quilt done.

This is such a cute block but I say that every time another block is shown.

I also went to see my g/son Clayton play AFL which was good.

He had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop so they bandaged him and out he went again.

He did look quite funny really, at least it was easy to pick him out on the field with the white bandages.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Oh .... I do like to be beside the seaside ..... lalalalalala

There's nothing like fish and chips in paper near the sea.....

Gavan taking in the view.

Our lunch

Just love these trees .... we were at Wellington Point...

This was a craft outing..... nup not mine alas.....

So I was the one sitting in the car outside the hobbie shop.......

doesn't seem quite right really but I guess he should get a turn now and again.

This is the new radio controlled plane he bought, he also shopped online for the motor.....

..... goodness me, I can't let this happen very often .....

I didn't get anything except lunch but is was a great lunch...