Thursday, February 12, 2015

More wreath ornies and a few giggles.

2 more ornies for our Christmas Wreath..... this is more fun than I had imagined and to do it as a group makes it even better.



Naughty ... naughty girls...... Teresa needed us to pose for a photo and of course that was a silly thing to do really, I hope she didn't want us to behave...... but that's not likely to happen.
Well the giggling started and went on and on, this lounge just wasn't built for us 3 ........

Yep we were good up to a point and then it got the better of us......

We got stuck in the lounge and all that laughing didn't help either.

If the photos are blurry at all its because Teresa was laughing far to much at our plight...... I bet she won't ask for us to pose again.

Gosh I love Tuesdays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen that is so funny,you girls crack me up,love your ornaments.xx

Christine M said...

Your ornaments are looking lovely, Helen.

Roseanne said...

They look great Helen! what a great group project.

Lynda said...

What a fabulous day. I am SO looking forward to Tasmania.