Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lots of catching up to do

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter...... mine was a bit up and down but generally happy.

We have been enjoying family birthdays..... 
Corinne had a lovely birthday dinner at Wagaya in Brisbane, first time at a Japanese restaurant for a few of us and it was great..... I'm sure we will visit there again.
Gavan didn't go and its probably just as well really as I don't think we would have got him out from the sunken table but it was such fun...... loved it.

My beautiful grandchildren.
Jake 17, June 16, Corinne 22 and Clayton 14.

Funny to see the tiny one is the eldest. 

Gosh I think they get their looks from me ....... hahahahahaha ......I could only hope.

Heather and Liz .... they won't be happy I put this photo on my blog.

Liz managed the chop sticks well but I didn't ..... a fork was called for as I would have starved to death.

Then it was Gav's birthday.... his choice was Pizza at home.

Obviously Gav was mucking around and put on a silly face for the camera.

On Good Friday we were so lucky to see Thomas (Robert 's son)  but sadly no-one including his Dad gets to see him very often ......... it was Easter 2 yrs ago that we saw him last so this was a real delight.

Boy the concentration on their faces, they were playing snap.
Thomas is now 12 yrs.

We also played  Disney Memory game and Thomas won that ... mind you my memory was put to the test.

The Disney game was given to my kids by my sister June when they were very young so it was great to have it out for Thomas to enjoy, the other grandchildren played with it when they were little too.

June (g/daughter)  showing Thomas  and Auntie Liz her horse.
Sadly I didn't get anymore photos but hopefully we will get to see again in the near future.

There hasn't been much crafting going on here .....since Easter Saturday I've had an awful sinus infection and it really knocked me rotten but I'm getting better as the days roll on.

Another 2 blocks from the "Christmas Belles"

Its good to be sewing them together as they are finished.

Another "Twilight Garden" block, I just have to add some silk ribbon to this block but I will leave that till all the blocks are completed.

I have had a little hold up as I ran out of thread but it should be here this week so I can get on with the last 3 blocks...... woohooooo

Our online "Friends in Stitching" group has a birthday swap and I had to make for Cathy, the theme was a black and white embellished bag with a couple of goodies inside so I chose the "Frilly Dilly Bag".
You can just see the little bag hanger, I have one so I hope Cathy likes it as much as I do mine....I hate placing  my bag on the floor when I'm out and about.

Well I think that's everything I had to report but I probably forgot something..... if I did I'm sure it will wait till another time.


Unknown said...

Lovely post Helen your Grandchildren are very
Good looking must be in the Genes!
Hope you're feeling better xx

Susan said...

How rotten to be sick like that - lots of lovely family stuff...almost there on TG!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love all your family photos....lots of special moments....the bag made for Cathy is gorgeous....your blocks look take OK.....

Sue W ♥ said...

Love all of the family photos, looks like you had a great time, hope you feel better soon don't wan't to waste too much sewing time being sick, even though it doesn't look like it slows you down lol

Lynda said...

Always something fun happening at your place Helen. Cathy's present is lovely and so are your latest CB and TG blocks.