Sunday, December 04, 2011

Advent swap

I'm so lucky to have joined in this great Advent Swap organised by Fee .... my partner is Gai (no blog)

The first 3 gifties are great..... you can never have too many threads especially as I'm a stitchaholic.
The little ornie is so cute ... if you look very closely you can just see a hint of red, it changes colour all the time... I sat for ages trying to get a better piccie but it wasn't happening. Well I do think that Santa's elves ate my clinkers..... nah not really I must confess it was me, haven't had them for years and they were yummie.
Thanks so much Gai, I'm enjoying a giftie  every morning... its such a treat. 

I do hope you are enjoying your gifts too Gai.


Anonymous said...

i agree Helen it is a great swap,love clinkers

Sandi said...

What!!!!No clinkers left for Tuesdays
I can't wait to see what else you are going to unwrap...I may be as excited as you..for you of course.
Cya Tuesday.

DAWNIE said...

"cLINKERS" - bet you eat all the pink ones first!! lovely swap to be in - looking forward to seeing the remainde of your treats