Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Its been a while..... but here I am.

Here is my new leadlight lampshade, I have been looking for a shade for such a long time and I finally found one, a little pressie for me.... from me. lol

Isn't it pretty, love the colours when the light is on.

Finally finished the "Floral Dreams" quilt, its for the chair my Mum sits on, its a lot bigger than the chair but I'm sure I'll manage.

I finished this quilt for Tereasa, she had made the top and I layered, quilted and bound it .... shes a busy little possum and just didn't have the time to finish it, I can't remember what pattern it is so I'll find out and edit this post later.

Happy stitching.......


Dolores said...

Yes, it is a beautiful lamp shade. Your quilt is lovely. I love the tan colours and the teddy bears are so cute. I do hope you find out the pattern.

Lynda said...

The colours on the ceiling are beautiful Helen - and I love the quilt you've made for your Mum, so pretty.

teresa said...

Love the lamp Helen.. there is something special about lead light. Quilt looks great draped over the your mum under it??? Ha Ha.. Looking forward to Tuesday xx