Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stuck for words...... which doesn't happen oftem

This year we celebrated our Tuesday Girls Christmas party at Sandi's house, it was so festive and as usual we had a great time together. I think this time I will let the photos speak for themselves and I will shut up...... well I won't say toooooo much..... how's that ?

                                                           Gifts at the ready

We received this special parcel from Lynda, inside was 7 Christmas cakes... one  for each of us and Gavan.

Thank you very much, I'm sure we will enjoy them.

                                       Sandi's festive house...... beautiful.

Sandi gave  us a challenge this year, we had to make Bon Bon's and inside there had to be
fat 1/8th fabric
a button
a treat
a piece of ribbon or lace
and a little decoration
we also had to show a bit of imagination in decorating them
not too bad I think

                                                   The Bon Bon I made ....

                                     These are the contents of the Bon Bon I opened.....

                                             Beautiful gifts were given as well......

                           Thanks for these lovely goodies Tereasa..... love the little stockings kit.

Lucky me.... I now have a project bag and you can see the terrific calender there, Sandi made one for each of us..... love the little mat too.

Thanks Sandi

I couldn't get a good photo of this very cute little box that Teresa gave me, I will put my rings in it I think and it will look great on my dressing table.

Thanks so much Teresa.

Thanks Laurel for this lovely plate, it will be seen with goodies on it at one of our Tuesdays I'm sure.

Love this little teapot and cosy, good choice Norreen, Thank you very much.

                                    My mess on the table after opening gifts.

Tereasa's mess after she opened her gifts.

Who do you think is the tidier person ?

Hard question isn't it ?

I was so busy wrapping pressies that I completely forgot to take piccies of the gifts I gave so I will have to see if the girls have any I can pinch....... tut tut

Thats it for now .... I hope you are enjoying your swaps and Christmas get togethers too.


Susan said...

Lots of loveliness there - what a great idea to make a bon bon...mmmm might need to borrow that idea...

Noela said...

Lovely gifts Helen. Have a wonderful Xmas. Hugs.....