Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did you know ?????

that my friend....Sandi.... lost her mojo and I found it so being such a good friend I will give it back to her as soon as I have finished with it.......LOL......... there are a lot of different mojo's , house cleaning mojo, washing mojo, window washing mojo etc but the one I like the best is the sewing mojo so today I used a little bit of the cleaning one.... not much mind you ..... a quick flick with the duster, wash the floors and did the vacuuming.

                                                          Cleaning music

and then back to a bit of sewing, almost ready for binding.

                                                      Swap pressie wrapping

So I guess that I should send Sandi's mojo back now and have a cuppa, watch a bit of tele and relax.

Sorry Sandi..... I hope I didn't use tooooo much.


Sandi said...

Hahahaha, bloody theif, no wonder I cant get anything done, you can keep it for a while if you wish - I kinda like not having the pressures of the mental list not being an and who wants the housework mojo back...

Lynda said...

Wrapping presents? Wow, you really are on top of things. I should try to finish off The Wish Quilt but it's not going to happen. This will be the third Christmas it's on the table unquilted :) Your BH quilt is looking fantastic.

Marilyn said...

Those pesky mojos do have a habit of wandering off. Now Sandi can stop looking for hers. So pleased you have put it to good use.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a special friend you are Helen...LOL