Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lots to tell

Where do I begin........ well June (g/daughter) came for a visit and used all my GB's on the computor so I haven't been able to do any posts as it was so slow which didn't make me very happy but its all good now.

I was in the Mini Quilt Swap organised by Cheryll and the theme this time was "Spring", I received my parcel from Lyn and in my excitement I forgot to take a piccie of the parcel before I opened.
 Love the post card from Dunedin, such a lovely city.

Thank you so very much Lyn for my mini quilt I love it.... I have my stand in the sewing room..... the quilt looks wonderful and it brings a lovely spring feel to the room.
On the SKOW front I'm happy to say that I have finished all the blocks so now its time get on with the cutting and piecing.
Our little Tuesday group have as Sandi puts it "crossed over to the dark side"in other words we did a bit of scrap booking or scrap boxing  lol....... its nice to do something a little different and we did have fun as usual.
I have yet  to decide on labels for the draws.
I have been spending a lot of time recently sitting in Doctors waiting rooms as Gavan has been having a few problems lately so of course that means reading waiting room magazines and I saw a quick idea for a treat so I tried it on the girls.... they do taste nice but very sticky little devils..... choc wheaton biscuits, marshmallows and raspberry jam.
Its now the following Tuesday (keeping in mind my posts are behind) a couple of girls were away so that left this naughty lot.
This is my lunch, eaten especially for Tereasa ..... odd I here you say.......
Well I made the base for this Christmas tree out of the creamed corn can, Tereasa is making the same doll so of course she needed a can for her tree.

As I have said a million times before I love Annie Smith's Country Keepsake dolls, this one is called  "White Christmas"it was great to have the tree to make as well.

On Thursday our group went to the Brisbane Craft Show .... we had a long day but lots of fun and laughter as usual.
I didn't spend tooooo much which was good but I did seem to buy more scrapbooking goodies than anything else and that's not good.
This is the only stitching thing I bought ooooowa.
Well I think that's about it for the moment and I'm sure I've done enough rambling for now.


Tess said...

Haha, the things we do for friends!

Anonymous said...

wow Helen lots of beautiful finishes there,well done.xx

Susan said...

Love those drawers - I hope they are full of sewing goodies!

Shabby Quilt said...

lots of eye candy. Where did you get your lovely quilt stand from.

Maria said...

Lovely Spring Mini you received...
It's always so much fun to stitch with friends..
Looks like a great day at the craft show too.
Love your box. I have one that needs covering too, can I send it over...LOL

De said...

oh umah........scrapbooking! LOL! Looks fantastic!

Nicola said...

Where do I start, everything looks amazing.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely to see you at the show. Great to catch up on all your doings and I adore your snowy friend....lovely swap giftie too.

Jen said...

All very beautiful Helen. Love the snowman and tree, I think I had best put him on my 'to do' list. The craft show was good.

Diann said...

You've been very busy Helen! Scrapbooking huh? Well, you need another hobby! I love the drawers. Really enjoyed the fair this year too. Love the little Christmas tree.

Lynda said...

What a wonderful friend you are Helen - but so worth the sacrifice. The santa and his tree are wonderful. Lots of lovely goodies from the show. I love your little chest of drawers - it is beautiful. And I'm looking forward to your SKOW quilt top being together.