Sunday, October 11, 2009


Boy I like the Bathurst car race.... nah not really but it keeps the DH busy so I can get on with my craft. So my job for today was to layer and pin a quilt, I hate layering quilts so I decided to watch a movie " Australia" Teresa lent it to me and I haven't had a chance to see it yet...... thought it might take my mind off the job at hand but the TV I have in my sewing room apparently didn't want to see it ..... as there it was .... DVD..... trying to load but no way was that going to happen..... but I did get the quilt done so all is not lost, now for the ditch stitching and binding then of course a piccie for my blog.


teresa said...

Bummer you didn't get to watch the movie.. would have been perfect time to do it.. I got some sewing done also while the race was on.. and the rain was lovely.. xx


Always the way hey?, at least one thing happened for you. Hope all goes well with the quilting now.