Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Wake and a Celebration !!!!!

Well here it is........a happy day for Tereasa and a sad one for the rest of us as you can see in the photo below. 
Homespun and Beautiful is closing its shop front door on Friday .... but on a better note it is still an online store so all is not lost, our Tuesday girls get together will continue and that makes us all very very happy. If you pop on over to Tereasa's blog she has a great sale still going on so don't miss out on the bargains...... just tell her Helen said...... hehehehehe.

We had a bit of a party with sandwiches, yummy cakes, apple cider, coffee and lots of laughing ...... we all met through the shop about 7 years ago and will continue hopefully for many years to come.

Naturally its hard to let a bargain go so I did do a bit of last minute shopping, these are my goodies.


Tess said...

Thanks Helen, for making my day very special!

Teresa said...

Great photos Helen. It was a strange day, sad, happy, sad, happy !!! Love your purchases... Long Live Tuesdays!

Bec said...

A sad day, but great to have such fantastic stitching friends.