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Sunday, January 03, 2010

A few bits and bobs

This is the swap gift I made for Teresa in our "Friends in Stitching" group, its a Debbie Magee pattern called Heart Keep Pincushion, she loves everything vintage and I think this is the perfect gift.

Well 2010 is here and I'm off to a flying start.... craftwise that is..... here are a couple of projects that I was  working on  last year, I thought it best to finish these first before starting new things.

These cute stockings are from Moda Bake shop Box ....honeybun strips  so
now I'm early for this christmas lol.

This is a Bronwyn Hayes pattern called "My Little Teahouse"  I do love her projects so much but I cringe when I see another one that I want to do...... but I do them anyway maybe I'm a glutten for punishment. Does anyone else have a problem with them or am I a bit dopey ?




This quilt is for my hubbies lounge chair I made it just before christmas and put the borders on today, will show a better photo when I get it quilted..... soon I hope.


Tess said...

Love the Tea House Bag, Helen. Bronwyn patterns are all over the place which really makes it hard for beginners. Must say I do love them as well.

Lynda said...

Helen - everything is so beautiful especially the Tea House Bag. Haven't made mine yet. I so very nearly made that for your SS present - good thing I didn't.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said... goodness.....they are all just so lovely, The Tea Bag House is have been one busy girl...

Teresa said...

I think the heart pincushion is perfect for Teresa also :) Love the Tea House Bag Helen, it turned out beautifully. Sorry it was such a stressful process!!

Cubby House Crafts said...

All your projects are just gorgeous...especially the little Teahouse1 Lisa

Jen said...

What a busy little beaver you have been. They are all beautiful.

Cathy said...

Beautiful Teahouse Bag... you are not alone, I have had a few experiences with her patterns too, and not good experiences, her work is still worth the agro though...Cathyx

Sarah said...

Love the vintage gift you made for Teresa!
The BH bag turned out just beautiful (love that pic on Tereasa's blog lol). BH's patterns are just terrible to follow. I had trouble with cathy's bag - doing the base. I found that it would not sit straight along the edge, but it was like a triangle instead, because of the cut out bit.... I had to fiddle, and i ended up with not enough of the base fabric showing on the front! GRRR
x Sarah

Vicki said...

Beautiful work as usual, Helen. The bag is gorgeous, but like the others I must agree that BH's instructions for making up her wonderful designs are less than user-friendly. Certainly not well-explained for anyone just starting out :<

Cath Ü said...

WOW everything in this post is fantastic... well it all
Cath Ü