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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A great day and gifts too !!!!!

Boy we don't look like we are having fun but we did really, here is ( blogless) Laurel, Teresa and Mary.

Which drink to have.... life is full of choices.

The terrible T's.

Wow this did taste good.... yummo.

And gifts as well.... Laurel made these goodies  for me but alas they are all gone now.

Teresa gave me this terrific gift... pudding in a mug, haven't made that yet,  the sewing keeper is always useful and the cute santa decoration.

And these goodies are from Tereasa, love the little sewing machine,  one can never have too many buttons,   and the little bird needle holder and fabric. What great crafty friends, lucky me.


Teresa said...

Great photos Helen... well some of them were great... some of them should have been left out... ha ha Another wonderful Tuesday xx See you next year xx

Lynda said...

Definitely looks like a fun day. You're very lucky to have such a lovely bunch of sewing friends.

Noela said...

Looks like a good party and pressies too. Have a Happy New Year, Helen. All the best and hope to see you soon. Love Noela.