Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Sparrow has landed !!!!!!

To begin this little story we must go back 12 months, my hubbie "Gavan" wanted to learn to fly ultralight planes so he began at a flying school at Boonah, so every week he would go saying " one day will you come with me after I get my licence ?" and of course I said " yes dear... one day" naturally thinking that it would take sooooo long I would give it more thought when the time was closer.... Well its now time , several weeks ago he got his licence so he asked " will you come for a fly next week dear? " so what could one say " oh yes dear I.... think .... I would love to" so today was the day ..... I thought I would need proof of my trip so here are a few piccies.

Here I am just before we went up, cute little plane don't you think?
Its called a "Tecnam Golf"

I looked at the control panel and hoped he knew what he was doing.

Taking off and going up to about 2000 feet.

Didn't like the look of the rain in the distance but we changed direction so all was good.

Below you can see our town of Jimboomba, can't show our house as I wasn't going to lean out and take a piccie, not that game. In the distance ... the large white buildings are Woolworths shopping centre and a school which is the centre of our suburb.

A view of the hills.

This photo was taken as we were coming in for our landing, the long green grassie area is the air strip.

And here I am ... headphones and all, I did enjoy the trip and Gavan made me feel very safe so I'm still here to tell the tale and yes I will go again, he has to do his navigation endorsement yet so then we could go a bit further away.

After all the excitement was over we went to lunch at a very nice old local pub then off home.
Here is Gavan waiting for our lunch to arrive.

" The sparrow" bit in the heading is a nickname given to me by my crafty friends, they reckon I eat like a sparrow as I don't eat very big meals. Funny little girls aren't they.


Joy said...

What a lovely day!! How exciting for you and your DH :o). I'm sure mine (DH) would love to do that too, he's always been keen on flying.
Joy :o)

Lynda said...

Wow Helen, I am impressed - makes going out with John seem very tame! Looks like it was a fantastic day.

Sue W ♥ said...

Oh my God!!
you are one brave women to go up in the air in such a small plane.Congrats to Gav on getting his wings and for taking good care of you

Tess said...

Helen, what a fun day you had. How proud Gav must feel to be able to show you what he has accomplished!
Our Jimboomba isn't very big, is it?