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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Best dressed Washing Machines

This one is Mum's (Dolly)

and this is mine.

This is what the best dressed washing machines are wearing this year..... lol..... one is mine and the other is my Mum's ( dolly). In 2006 I was in a friendship block swap, I was going to make a quilt with them but figured one could only have so many quilts and I didn't really need another so then decided to make them into covers for our washing machines instead and I must say that I'm very pleased I did, they look great and make the laundry a bit more cheery. I haven't decided yet on what I will use the other blocks ( 4 left ) for but will work that out later.


Jen said...

They are just great Helen. You will soon have Dolly's place all decked out as well.


Lynda said...

I recognise one of those blocks ...

Great idea Helen.